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Using technology as a racehorse owner

For many people, being able to own a horse, or at least part of one, is a lifelong goal. Going to the racecourse as an owner for a high-profile meeting such as Royal Ascot is one of the fundamental appeals of owning a horse as you have the chance to mingle with like-minded individuals, talk to people from the horse racing industry and then, hopefully, celebrate as your horse crosses the line first.

Being a racehorse owner can take many shapes and forms but advancements in technology help you to enjoy the experience no matter which approach you take. How?

Syndicates use apps to relay information

A vast majority of people will get into racehorse ownership via a syndicate – this is when you buy shares in a racehorse, rather than owning it outright. You may find you pay yearly fees to do this. It’s also possible to gift shares in a horse to someone else (or for someone else to gift them to you!).

But while this means you do not necessarily have to be concerned with the minutiae of being a racehorse owner, or even have to make a decision on the colour of the jockey’s silks, you’ll naturally want to be kept up to date with how your horse is doing. This is where apps come in.

Many syndicates and racehorse owner groups have their own apps which allow their members to be kept fully informed about their horse. The apps will allow you to view photos of your horse or watch videos of your horse being put through its paces on the gallops. They are also set up so that you will receive notifications for any updates regarding your horse’s condition or when it is next due to run.

Live streaming of your horse in action Apps can also give you the chance to watch your horse – whether you own it outright or as part of a syndicate – even if you can’t make it to a race in person. You can watch live video streams of races and follow the build-up to the start time, as well as any immediate reaction to how the horse has performed. There is a wide range of apps that provide news and form, helping you gauge your horse’s prospects of victory.

So while some people are happy to experience racehorse ownership purely by seeing the horse they own perform in the flesh, know that mobile apps and the beauty of modern day tech can enhance the experience, by keeping you in the loop on days when you can’t be there to watch a race with your own eyes. For ease of communication regarding that horse, using an app to track and watch its progress is a perfect way to stay on top of what is going on before you see it on the racecourse

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