Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Why 5G Could be a Real Game Changer for Online Casinos

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s not been without its controversies along the way. But 2021 is going to be the year when 5G technology really starts to become part of many people’s lives.

It’s destined to have a major effect on lots of sectors thanks to the many advantages that it offers over 4G, and one of these sectors is going to be online gambling. Ever since they first started appearing in the late 1990s, online casinos have striven to be at the cutting edge of technology. By doing so they have provided the innovation and new experiences that players demand, and which help the casinos in question to get an edge over the competition.

A prime example of this has been the development and launch of games like live roulette at Paddy Power. For the uninitiated, the phenomenon of the live online casino is a relatively new one in which games like roulette and blackjack are run not by software but by live action taking place in a studio decorated in the style of a gaming room. Real dealers run the games and the action is digitised and streamed directly to the players’ computer and mobile devices.

It’s in the case of the latter that the arrival of 5G is going to make all the difference. For example, the higher speeds that it will bring is going to mean an even wider choice of games will be available for mobile devices whose functionality is excellent but not yet as extensive as that of a desktop, for example. We’re not talking about completely new games, but simply variations on existing ones. For instance, many sites already offer a range of different roulette games such as American and European options – and the greatly expanded bandwidth will allow even more choice.

Then there’s the question of connectivity. One of the possible drawbacks of playing in an online casino and relying on a mobile wireless network is finding out that the signal has failed you at a vital moment. Any examination of how 5G works will show that there is the potential to have smaller stations approximately every 250 metres in urban environments. With high, stable speeds and reliable connectivity, this will enhance the whole playing experience.

Away from table games, the slots are by far the most popular part of most online casinos. These have become increasingly sophisticated over time, often now approaching the complexity of video games. So, once again, the increased speed and bandwidth are going to make these even more enjoyable to play.

Plus, with the growth of virtual reality, and the accompanying use of haptic feedback, 5G will also give the online casino operators even more ability to harness both these technologies, a prospect that is already causing considerable excitement and anticipation in the industry.

But the really great news is that this isn’t some far off prospect, it’s very nearly here. And it’s bound to make just as big an impact as 5G when it does eventually arrive.

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