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Why mobile sports betting is becoming more popular

Mobile sports betting is hugely prevalent among fans of all global sports. Historically sports betting has been powered by physical stores or booths at events where stakes could be placed.

However, in modern times the digital aspect of sports betting is threatening to take over. 45% of sports betting now takes place online and last year the mobile industry recorded the fastest growth of any commercial gaming segment. 2022 saw a 75% revenue increase compared to the previous year.

Mobile sports betting’s rapid growth has been the result of a wide range of factors. The apps are more easily accessible than ever before, and there is a wide range of tools to assist with online betting.


One of the main pros of mobile sports betting is the ease with which bets can be placed. There is an endless list of mainstream apps as of 2023, and they offer markets on an extensive list of sports. Paddy Power for example offers sports betting on anything from football to more obscure sports like greyhound racing. Many sites also offer an odds calculator, which means people can easily understand how much their selections could return.

To access the major sports betting apps, all that is required is a mobile device with an internet connection. Alternatively, a PC could also be used to access a sports betting website.

Regardless of how an individual accesses mobile sports betting providers, it is a much more simple process than having to physically attend a store to place a bet.

The advantages of mobile sports betting

There are also many advantages to sports betting via an app or website, rather than betting in-person.

For example, there are endless live-streaming possibilities. Betting on sports fixtures via an app often entitles the user to follow live streams for the games.

In a physical setting, there would always be limited screens available, and limited fixtures as a result. However, using an app means the user has full control and can switch to whichever game they wish – the most obscure sporting leagues are sometimes even available.

Artificial intelligence has also made sports betting more popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, the apps themselves use AI in order to offer real-time updates to their odds – this means that cashout options are often available which can be used to settle a bet while the proceedings remain ongoing.

AI can also be used by sports betters to predict outcomes when it comes to sports betting. Such software can monitor games in real time and predict based on patterns what the result may be.

Ultimately, the rapid growth of mobile sports betting is largely the result of the evolving digital world. The increase in live-streaming availability and the development of AI has made digital sports betting a much more comfortable experience.

Users can place their bets with more conviction knowing that their predictions are backed up by more data and facts than ever before. They can also follow the action live, even in cases where they have included relatively unknown sports leagues within their betting slip.

The accessibility of mobile sports betting allows people to place their bets from whichever location they wish. Once sports fans get involved in betting digitally, they quickly learn that it offers an endless list of advantages compared to its physical format.

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