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10 Best Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement in 2023

For those who are working in the marketing and advertising industry, it can be seen that the word “engagement” has been used very liberally. To reach the right audience for your target, you need to be very clear as to who your target audience actually is. Only after the identification of your target audience has been done, you can move forward with the use of engagement. 

You will also need to know what motivates your viewers and what makes them tick to make things easier for you and them. As a content creator or an influencer, you will also need to know how the algorithms work and what makes the algorithm work in your favor. 

Content creators and influencers need to see the social media platforms and algorithms as something that is targeted toward the people seeing it. So they will also need to change perspectives when it comes to looking at the algorithm from the perspective of a viewer. 

Each platform has different parameters regarding how they will count engagement in a particular post or video. For some it will be likes, for others, it will be commenting, and for the rest, it can also be the views. In this blog post, we will look into how to increase social media engagement in 2023

  • Question posts and stories 

Ask questions to your viewers and let them ask you questions as well since you want to be a household name and not a faceless brand. Curiosity breeds creativity. This helps create a following that is loyal and feels close to you. 

  • Post carousel posts 

Step-by-step infographics or different types of carousel posts can be posted to let your followers know about the journey that you have been on. 

  • Notifications and reminders 

This particular point is relevant for Instagram and youtube. This does not need a lot of resources, and it will help notify your followers as to what you have been up to as a content creator. They will also remind your followers about exciting upcoming events. 

  • Create and post savable posts 

Sometimes, a quote can give you a lot of direction and sense of purpose. The perfect quote can make or break your day. Instagram users love to share quotes on their stories or save these quotes. To increase your engagement on sites like Instagram and Pinterest, you can make some beautiful-looking quotes that will remind your followers uniquely of your content. 

  • Post a lot of polls and quizzes 

People love feeling important. People also love it when someone asks their opinions. Combining both of these ideas, we have polls and quizzes, where you will benefit from learning user preferences and your followers will enjoy interacting with them. 

  • Infographics and charts to share important information

People are on the internet to learn as well. They are looking for ways to upgrade themselves. Good-quality infographic posts will help you make the best of the desire to learn, which will, in turn, help you gain followers. Some examples of infographics include – cheatsheets, challenges, graphs, and charts. 

  • Giveaways and free products 

Pique the interest of your followers by appealing to their basic desire to acquire free products. People will actually go out of their way to follow you and like your posts and comment on your posts just to get something free, as long as it is of their interest. Collaborate with other brands, to accumulate some fun products and both of your brands will mutually benefit. 

  • Short videos and collabs on your Instagram reels 

Social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have changed how we look at video content these days. By collaborating on Instagram, you will be able to attract new people to your brand. Anyone can collab with your video or post, making it more interactive in nature. 

  • GIFs and memes 

The user can be won over through humor. Share something that demonstrates your sense of humor to let your followers get to know this side of you. No matter your business or niche, there is always room for a meme. Your audience will enjoy, comment, and share your post with their friends if you use the proper meme. This applies to any given social media platform. 

  • Let your personality shine through your content 

Bring your personality to social networks to help your audience get to know you better. This is a wonderful place to start. The best framework for this is a story. 

You can express your ideas, pose questions, and most importantly, be visible! Again, this point applies to all social media platforms, with a special emphasis on social media that use a video format, like TikTok. 

Bravo! You’ve reached the last section of the post, which offers 10 suggestions for raising Instagram engagement. We have provided samples of the publications we have created for our clients as well as our own branded content. 

So try incorporating some of these strategies the next time you plan your content and watch the engagement rate!

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