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5 TikTok Ways To Drive Traffic To Your eCommerce Site 

Do you own an eCommerce brand? Or does your eCommerce website need traffic? Then we have the perfect solution(more like a platform) for you. And it is none other than “TikTok.” With millions and billions of users, the platform has surpassed all its competitors; in terms of userbase, popularity, number of downloads, active users, etc. In fact, TikTok is the new “handy marketing tool” for both brands and marketers. 

Particularly for eCommerce brands, TikTok has become the best place to achieve all its desired goals. Best of all, TikTok is free to use and has no limitations. With the growth of online marketing and shopping, promoting your eCommerce brand on TikTok is not a choice but mandatory. 

Perhaps, if you are running an eCommerce business, driving traffic, generating revenue, and boosting sales, everything is made easy using TikTok. However, you can also use options like Trollishly to grow your eCommerce brand on TikTok at a very high speed. Also, to help you and your brand with increasing website traffic, we have put together a list of ideas in the below article. 

Why Should Your eCommerce Brand Use TikTok?

When a platform has the potential to take your brand to the next level, will you miss the opportunity? Definitely not! To be more specific, TikTok delivers countless advantages and stunning features that your brand can leverage—that, too, with no restrictions. So, to understand its benefits, let’s list them out, shall we? 

Firstly, TikTok has a global user base, so you can take your brand in front of all those people. The chances of your brand increasing its customer rate also become higher. You can also opt to buy tiktok likes if you want to increase your customer rate effortlessly on TikTok. Besides enhancing your customer base, your brand can leverage TikTok to improve website traffic. Yes! To know more about how to drive traffic, read the article further. 

5 TikTok Ways To Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Site 

It is obvious, isn’t it? If you are running an eCommerce brand, you will also have a website. But, if you don’t have a website, it is time to create one and drive traffic to it. But, if you are wondering how to enhance your website’s traffic using social media platforms like TikTok, this article will help. We have gathered a few TikTok ideas through which your website can get the necessary traffic it needs. 

  1. Add Your Website Link in the TikTok Bio

TikTok has this small space called the “Bio.” The space is available right below your username. Adding links in this space is the most effective way to drive traffic to your website. We advise you to use a link with a good landing page to capitalize on this feature. Also, to increase traffic to more than one page, create a single link with multiple links within it. 

When your followers click on this link, they will be redirected to your website or a particular page you want. For example, if you have launched new t-shirts for both men and women, copy the products link page and paste it into your TikTok bio. So, when a user clicks on this link, they will be redirected to the t-shirt page. This makes it easy for both brands and customers to finish a purchase. 

  1. Let Your Followers Know About the Link

How will your followers know about the link you have pasted in the bio? Unless or until they visit your profile, it will be unknown forever. To make this process easy, here is an effective solution. Make TikTok content that gives the viewers a hint about the link. 

Direct Method: For example, there are two ways in which you can inform your viewers about the link. One way is adding lines like “Link In The Bio” in captions or videos. This will notify the users about your website link in the bio in a direct way. 

Indirect Method: If you don’t want it to be so obvious, here is an indirect way. Your TikTok videos should be in such a way that they must provoke the viewers to visit your profile. Using this method, they will automatically analyze your profile and click the link if it interests them. But we suggest brands use the direct approach. Because it helps the brand increase traffic more quickly. In fact, your brand can improve its website traffic effectively by using options like Trollishly too. 

  1. Create a Crystal Clear Call To Action Button

A strong call to action button is a great attention-grabbing factor. So, why do you need an attention factor to drive traffic to your website? Here is your explanation. Whatever link you promote, you need a strong line or a button that grabs users’ attention. That, too, if it is in a single sentence or a series of words, it would be more effective. 

This is where the call to action comes into the picture. A call to action button indicates to the users what action they need to perform. Furthermore, it makes it easy for users to shop with a single click. For instance, you can use direct CTA lines like “Buy now,” “start your shopping,” or something innovative. Make it a little catchy, and keep it brief. 

  1. Have an Allocated Budget? – Leverage TikTok Paid Ads 

Plenty of features on TikTok allow you to grow your brand. Among them, TikTok Paid ads, have the most benefits and options to explore. Because you get to target a specific audience group and display ads to them. The selection of targeting criteria includes your desired outcomes, target audience, ad placement, user engagement, location, and various other factors. For example, if you run a business providing water services, it is essential to address these requirements regardless of the type of business. This feature also lets you add links and call-to-action buttons to your videos. Now, driving traffic to your website is a piece of cake. Isn’t it? 

  1. Partner Up With Popular Influencers

TikTok has numerous influencers. As an eCommerce brand, you can partner with those influencers. But what benefit does this collaboration bring to your business? First, an influencer will have pre-established popularity and a follower base on TikTok. So when you partner with them, you get to enhance your brand reach to the influencer’s followers, too(some might be your non-followers too). Secondly, you can increase website traffic when an influencer promotes your products rightly. Thirdly, through this collaboration, your brand can prove its reliability and reach a new set of audiences.

Wrapping It Up

With the right strategy, your eCommerce brand can drive massive traffic from TikTok. As a matter of fact, the app is equipped with tons of features and options that will not only aid in driving traffic but also grow your business. Also, we are sure with the tips and tricks mentioned above; you will be able to do effective marketing on TikTok. Lastly, don’t focus too much on increasing your website traffic; instead, go with the flow. Make your stuff exciting and informative; it will automatically help you attain all your brand objectives.

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