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Affiliate Marketing will bring the UK Publishers x1.5 income during Global Shopping Festival in 2021

The influence of Chinese marketplaces is increasing from year to year. More and more Brits are getting used to ordering goods from China. But it’s not about shopping and discounts only – marketing experts and those who work with the internet audience can earn some good money on these marketplaces. According to the statistics of Admitad Affiliate, the total income of the UK Publishers during the Global Shopping Festival will be x1.5 higher than on regular times and will exceed $500 thousand. Curious to know how they earn that money? We are ready to share that with you using AliExpress as an example.

Every year marketplaces hold several large-scale sales, offering various goods with a drastic discount of up to 70%. The most popular discount periods of Chinese marketplaces are:

  • Chinese New Year (the end of February)
  • AliExpress Birthday (the end of March)
  • Week of Gifts (the end of April)
  • 11 Global Shopping Festival, also known as a Singles’ Day
  • Black Friday (the end of November)

In addition to great deals for shopping-lovers, these periods are famous among marketing experts, those who have a wide online audience or work with internet traffic. They earn from 3% up to 69% from the order value if users buy something through their affiliate link. Let’s take a deeper look at it, using the upcoming Global Shopping Festival as an example, and find out how much money Publishers can earn this year, how to do it and what are the most profitable products to promote.

Record-breaking stats of 2020: the number of sales doubled

By the end of this sale in 2020 Alibaba Group shared the results of a Sale – gross market value reached an all-time high of $74.1 billion, which is twice more than the result of 2019.

As Admitad Affiliate states, publishers from the UK managed to sell more than 860 thousand goods with a total value of more than $11 million on Singles’ Day in 2020. In comparison to the “calm” period of time month before, the number of sales during the Global Shopping Festival increased by 27%, and value – by 34%. The incomes of British publishers have risen accordingly. The average order value of British shopping-lovers was $11.8.

The sale is highly anticipated by users, and it is proved by the dynamics of conversion rate in the segment “goods from China” from 20th of October till 20th of November 2020:



The conversion rate just soared! And the same did profit of publishers. According to data from Admitad Affiliate, these products appeared to be the most popular in Europe during the Singles’ Day Sale last year:



Below, you can see what product categories were popular among users in 2021. Pay attention to the categories that have increased their share of sales – this information would come in handy while planning marketing activities:



Now let us tell you what activities helped marketing experts and those who work with the online audiences to earn money during the sale last year and will work this year even better.

How can you get profit working with on Chinese marketplaces

Affiliate marketing – is always about cooperation between three sides: Advertiser, Affiliate (also known as Publisher or Partner) and affiliate network. It is based on a CPA principle (Cost per action).

You act as a Publisher, who leads potential buyers to the advertiser’s website (in this case, AliExpress). These people have to perform a certain action on a website, for example, place an order on a Chinese marketplace. After the payment is confirmed and buyer receives the order, you will get your reward – the commission from the value of purchase. Commission rates might vary from 3% up to 69%.

These Publishers managed to earn the most during the Global Shopping Festival last year in Europe:


To start working with the affiliate network, you have to:

  1.  register with the affiliate network;
  2.  join the AliExpress affiliate program;
  3.  generate your affiliate link;
  4.  share it;
  5.  bring buyers to the website of a product;
  6.  earn your reward for every paid order of the users you have attracted.

Now let’s talk about things that would boost your effectiveness on steps 4 and 5!

1.    For the content creators

You can create trustworthy text- or video-reviews, telling your followers about the pros and cons of a certain product. There are many types of reviews, for example, unboxing, test-drive or product comparison and many more. This option is great for bloggers, online media, social media community administrators, active forum users, and any other content project.

What’s interesting, video reviews rank better on search engines, being preferred over text by 72% of users. The best place for this type of content is YouTube – add affiliate links in the video description or comments and earn commission from your audience’s purchases.

2.    For affiliate shops

But not all people are into price comparison, reading reviews and searching for the best deals – it takes a lot of time. Some people just want to open a website and finish their purchase in two clicks. That kind of behaviour gives you another opportunity to earn on AliExpress.

Create your online-shop or, if you already have a website, just add a separate page and fill it with goods from a Chinese marketplace. Provide clients with the additional information about products or create some lists of featured goods. And don’t forget to use your affiliate links!

3.    For those who work with traffic

Get prepared in advance and choose a product category that you want to work with. Test ad bundles, try different types of audiences and creatives. That’s how you will meet the sales fully armed – all you have to do is launch the most effective ads and drive traffic!

Singles’ Day in 2021: what to expect?

The biggest sale of a year on 11.11, as usual, will have two stages:

  • The “warm-up” stage – when people search for products they like and add them to the basket.

When: October 28 08:00 AM GMT — November 11 07:59 AM GMT.

During this period your main task is to motivate users to start adding to their baskets all the products they would like to buy, using your referral link. For that purpose, AliExpress provides coupons and special landing pages.

  • Sale itself

When: November 11 08:00 AM GMT — November 13 07:59 AM GMT.

On a sale day, all you have to do is nudge users to finish their orders. When the basket is already full, the users need to use all coupons and bonuses they earned during the warm-up period, get a discount and place an order

And keep in mind, Singles’ Day – is one of the largest sales of a year, which has been competing on an equal footing with Black Friday for several years. Admitad Affiliate experts state that this year Global Shopping Festival will help the UK Publishers to earn x1.5 more than during regular times, exceeding the total income of $500 thousand. But Black Friday and Christmas sales are promising big profits as well. So try out all your tricks and methods during 11.11 sale, and keep improving them on the following sales periods, to get the most out of it.

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