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How to Make Money on TikTok in 2024

Though it may seem like a simple mobile app with a few features, the TikTok social media mobile app has recently gained popularity. It’s easy to see why some people love this mobile app, as it allows users to create short videos and upload them to their feed – just not directly on their profile page. As a result, many celebrities have succeeded on the platform, especially influencers such as Logan Paul or YouTube stars like Shane Dawson.

How to Make Money on TikTok in 2023 Today, TikTok is one of the largest social video platforms in the world. With over 1 billion users TikTok users and $7.2 billion in total market capitalization, it is no wonder that many people are looking to make money on TikTok. However, with a recent report stating that TikTok is losing millions of dollars per day due to the lack of advertising options and monetization opportunities, it has become increasingly difficult for users to stay on the platform and sustain their income. In this article, we show you ways that you can make money from TikTok even if your income potential is limited!

1. Sell Products through TikTok Shopping

If you want to make extra money on TikTok, selling products through the TikTok mobile app is a great way to do it. There are a variety of items you can sell, including accessories, clothes, and even food. Plus, because TikTok is such a popular platform, there’s a good chance that your products will be in high demand. If you have the skills to create amazing videos, this could be an excellent way to make some money and supplement your income.

For example, you can make DIY-related videos, showing the products used in the video such as custom patches, custom pins and other things. Then, you can use TikTok shopping to sell the products you use, the traffic obtained by shooting the video to cash in, successfully achieving the goal of making money and increasing income.

TikTok is a popular mobile app that allows users to create and share videos with others. Users can also use TikTok to shop for products and sell them through the app. There are many ways to make money through TikTok shopping, so it’s essential to learn about them before starting.

One way to make money through TikTok shopping is to sell products you design or create yourself. You can find various templates online or in your mobile app store to help you get started quickly. Once you have created your product, you can post it on the app and wait for people to buy it. Alternatively, you can set up a store within the mobile application and sell products directly to customers. This method is more complicated than selling products through the application, but it can be more lucrative if you have a good product idea and are willing to invest time into marketing it.

If you are a craft or design blogger and want to sell your own designs or products such as pin badges and keychains, you might consider partnering with some reputable product manufacturers such as By partnering with these manufacturers, you can get a large selection of beautiful custom pin badges, keychains, etc., and then set up a store to sell custom-made through Tiktok shopping on your phone of art products. As a consequence, you could gain a huge amount of additional income! If you want to work with such makers to get your own products, Go website at

Another way to make money through TikTok shopping is by becoming a merchant partner. This option allows brands or merchants to pay TikTok for advertising space on specific videos. The brand or merchant then has the opportunity to promote their product within the video, which could lead to increased sales. Of course, merchant partners must be approved by TikTok before joining, so there is some overhead involved. Still, this option is potentially more lucrative than advertising because brands have more control over promoting their product.

2. Buy TikTok Followers

If you want to get closer to your dream of being a famous TikToker, then buying followers is the way to go. And thanks to the popularity of TikTok, those followers are precious these days. So if you’re looking to buy TikTok followers in Australia, here’s what you need to know:

The first thing you need to do is determine how many followers you need. It will depend on your channel and your videos’ level of engagement. Usually, a track with around 1,000 subscribers and 5000 views per video will need about 10,000-20,000 followers. However, if you have a more popular channel with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, you may only need 5-10 thousand followers.

Once you’ve determined how many followers you need, it’s time to find a reputable source for buying them. Many companies offer this service, but the best choice depends on your niche and the size of your budget. Some good sources for purchasing TikTok followers include Social Blade (for marketing/business accounts), Fiverr (for smaller budgets), and Hootsuite (for larger budgets).

Once you’ve found a supplier and chosen the best service, it’s time to start buying! The process is pretty simple: choose a range of price points that fit within your budget (usually between between $3-$150). Once you’ve decided the package that suits you, pay them for your order.

3. Drive Sales with TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads are short video ads that run before, during, or after a user’s TikTok video. They can target specific demographics (age, gender, location) and include sound effects and text overlays. To scale your TikTok ads, you can hire an agency like IamFamous to run ads on TikTok for you.

The purpose of TikTok Ads is to drive engagement and sales. By featuring products or services that complement the content of a user’s TikTok video, brands can reach potential customers who are most likely to be interested in what they have to say. Additionally, by running ads within specific content categories (e.g., fashion, food), brands can find users specifically interested in the covered topics.

A few things to remember when creating your TikTok ads: first and foremost, you must consider what content will resonate with your audience. For example, if you’re selling products or services, ensure your ad features engaging and entertaining videos showing customers how your product or service can benefit their lives.

Secondly, make sure your ads are relevant to your target audience. It means choosing videos featuring people who look like your usual customers or could potentially be interested in your offer. Finally, ensure your ads are creative and attention-grabbing – if people don’t want to watch them, they’ll skip right by them!

4. Participate in Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking to make some extra cash on TikTok, participating in affiliate programs is a great way. Many top affiliate networks have partnered with TikTok, so you can easily find opportunities to earn commissions on products and services you might already be using.

There are many different ways to participate in affiliate programs on TikTok, so there’s sure to be something that suits your interests and skill set. For example, you can promote products directly from the mobile application or through promoted videos. You can also earn commissions by referring people to specific advertisers or product pages.

5. Promote Songs

Promoting songs can be a great way to do it if you want to make extra money from your TikTok videos. You can charge musicians for adding their music to your videos and, in turn, make some money off the views and likes their songs receive. Plus, it’s easy to get your music out there and increase awareness for your work. So if you’re looking for ways to monetize your TikTok content and reach new fans, exploring TikTok music promotion may be the answer you’re looking for!

6. Join TikTok Creator Fund

Are you someone who loves making videos on TikTok? Do you have some creative ideas that you want to bring to life but don’t know how to start? Now is the time to join TikTok’s Creator Fund and make money on the app!

The Creator Fund is a program that allows people like you to create high-quality content and earn money from it. You can make money by sharing your videos with other users on TikTok or by selling advertising space in them. Plus, if your videos become popular enough, you could even be featured on the app itself!

There are a few things that you need to do to join the Creator Fund. First, you need to create a new account on the app. It will allow you to upload your videos and earn money immediately. Second, you will need to create a portfolio of your best work. It will show other users what kind of quality content you can produce. Finally, after completing these steps, submit your application form and await approval.

7. Post Sponsored Videos

To start publishing sponsored videos, you must first identify your target market. It will involve understanding what types of content resonates with your audience and tailoring your approach accordingly. Once you know who you’re targeting, it’s time to find a sponsor. Sponsors are typically businesses that want to promote their products or services through popular content platforms like TikTok, so contacting them is essential. It’s also worth noting that sponsorships can be flexible – meaning you can decide how much creative control you want over the video content.

8. Become a Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors are the lifeblood of any brand. They help spread the word about a company and its products and make money. So if you’re interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador on TikTok, you’ll want to know that this mobile app will pay you to promote their brand. Becoming a Brand Ambassador on TikTok is an exciting opportunity that can lead to lots of money. All you have to do is sign up with a reputable agency, start promoting their brand, and watch your income grow.

9. Start a Patreon

If you’re looking for a way to make extra cash on TikTok, you should consider starting a Patreon account. This platform will allow you to receive money from your fans, which can help you cover your expenses while continuing to create content. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with your followers and build relationships that can last for years. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised at the amount of money that you can make.

10. Build and Sell TikTok Accounts

Building and selling accounts is a great way to do it if you want to make some quick cash on TikTok. Whether you’re starting or have some experience, there are plenty of ways to make money with this app. Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Find the right niche. Find an audience interested in your content to build a successful account selling. It can be anything from popular trends to specific interests. Once you’ve found a responsive audience, focus on creating high-quality videos that appeal to them.

2. Research the market conditions. Make sure you understand how the market for TikTok accounts works before you start selling. It includes understanding which accounts are popular and how much they’re worth (often determined by the number of views and likes they receive). Stay up-to-date on changes in the market so you can make informed decisions about pricing your account and attracting buyers.

3. Set prices wisely. When setting prices for your accounts, consider both the competition and your skills and effort put into creating the content. Aim high enough, so buyers are willing to pay top dollar but not so high that you will lose money in the long run. It’s also essential to consider factors like time spent creating videos and followers gained through organic growth (coupled with good marketing).

11. Work with Influencers

Working with influencers is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to make money on TikTok. They can help get your account more attention and build you’re following, leading to more money in the long run. Plus, connecting with other like-minded people and learning about new trends is fun.

Grow Your Business with TikTok Ads

With TikTok ads, you can grow your business in a fun and engaging way for your audience. With the right strategy, you can create ads that draw in viewers and get them excited about your offer. You can also use TikTok ads to market your products or services to a broader audience. So whether you’re looking to reach a younger demographic or expand your reach beyond your current customer base, TikTok ads can help you succeed.

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