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Improving your agency’s marketing efforts: How call tracking can help

As a marketing agency, you’re likely to be looking for new ways to boost your marketing efforts for clients. If this is the case, then we’ve got the perfect tool you should consider implementing in your agency.

This is call tracking software.

Read below to learn more about what call tracking is, and more importantly, why your marketing agency needs it.

How call tracking software works

Call tracking software provides you with extensive analytics surrounding your client’s customer calls, and various interactions made within your marketing.

Each time a customer makes a call to your client, you’ll be able to track every touchpoint they visited before, during, and after they called. This includes the very first source that generated the lead, down to the last point of interaction.

The software can track customers across every activity, campaign, and channel within your marketing, to give you a complete overview of performance.

More than that, call tracking can also identify customers who called from offline campaigns as well as those found online. This allows you to collate every interaction into one report, so you have full visibility of your entire marketing structure, not just for the online touchpoints.

There are various other things you can track using the software, such as the visitor-to-call ratio. With this, you can see how valuable each campaign is at driving visitors to call, or the performance of your pay-per-click (PPC) ad conversions. With call tracking, the expert analytics you can receive could greatly help you improve your marketing for clients.

Using call tracking in your marketing agency

Here are some of the ways you can use call tracking to improve your marketing efforts for clients:

  • Lower the cost per lead

One thing you can do for your clients is to help them lower their cost per lead by increasing the number of conversions from each activity.

The software can show you how many customers are making a call at each touchpoint. As a result, you’ll see which activities are bringing the most value, and which aren’t.

With these results, you can direct more of your resources towards your successful activities and withdraw investments from those which are underperforming.

This can lead to an increase in conversions from your successful touchpoints, and reduce wasted spend across different areas of your marketing – thus helping clients cut costs per lead.

  •  Enhance your PPC ads

Many of your clients might also want to focus on PPC ads, and call tracking can help you enhance the structure of the ads.

When using this software, you’ll reveal which ads are producing high numbers of conversions so you can then analyse the reasons for this for each ad. For example, you might find that a more creative call to action in certain ads is producing more conversions.

Using this information, you can then apply these findings to your less engaging ads, to further increase the number of conversions they’re producing.

This will lead to more of your PPC ads generating large numbers of conversions for your clients, and create all-round improvements for your PPC channel.

  • Increase your client retention

Client retention is also important for your agency, and with call tracking you can ensure all your clients have increased trust and loyalty in your services.

Since call tracking can accurately track the number of leads and sales generated over certain periods, you can use this to compare the levels of engagement from before and after you implement your strategies for clients.

This can then make it clear how your marketing efforts have led to an increase in leads and sales for your clients.

Consequently, they’ll have more trust in your expertise and be more likely to continue working with you – and possibly even refer you to other potential clients.

If you’re interested in receiving all the benefits call tracking can bring to your marketing agency, why not contact an expert call tracking provider to get started?

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