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Marketing Yourself to the Mobile World: How to Get the Best International Talent

There’s a whole world of talented people out there looking for the right job, but finding them isn’t easy. Therefore, it can be better to let the talent find you. This is fairly easy if you’re a reputable or successful business recruiting locally. However, if you’re casting your net further afield, the chances are people won’t know purely from word of mouth that you’re a good company to work for. That’s where the internet, and in particular, mobile apps can help.

A Licence to Recruit

We live in a digital age where people spend large parts of their day on their smarpthones. According to Harmony Healthcare IT, we spend, on average, 4 hours and 37 minutes on our phones every day. Add to this the fact 98% of UK adults have a smartphone, according to Uswitch, and you’ve got a lot of eyes spending a lot of time looking at the internet.

Therefore, if you’re looking to recruit the best talent, it pays to make your company visible to the masses. Of course, getting your message out to the world requires little more than a strategy and the internet. Before we get into our tips for attracting international talent, let’s talk about legalities. Specifically, visas. British companies need a sponsor licence to recruit people from overseas.

Only once your company has been approved for a sponsor licence by the Home Office can you issue eligible non-UK nationals with Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS). This certificate allows potential employees to apply for a relevant visa, such as the UK Skilled Worker visa, and work legally in the UK. You don’t need a solicitor to apply on your company’s behalf, but it certainly helps reduce the time, effort and potential friction you may encounter during the process.

Three Ways to Get Noticed

Assuming you complete the necessary legal paperwork and have the right to employ people from overseas, the next task is getting noticed. Three ways you can make your company an attractive proposition to talented people looking for work are:

1. Use All of the Apps at Your Disposal

Posting a single job advert online isn’t enough. There are plenty of platforms out there, so make sure you’re across all of the biggest ones. A great app for getting exposure to a global audience is Google’s job board [1].

Make sure your job adverts stand out. The information needs to be clear and concise, but don’t be afraid to add some flair. Hiring a professional copywriter isn’t a bad idea. They can help convey your company’s ethos and culture in the advert. Adding a certain charm and personality to your job advert will attract people with similar ideals.

Something else to consider is the format of your advert. As we’ve said, people spend a lot of time on their phones, so they’re most likely to see your advert in a mobile format. Because of this, make sure your adverts are snappy, and paragraphs are no more than two or three lines. This means the information is easier to scan and, therefore, more appealing to mobile users.

2. Don’t Be Insular

Venturing out into the global jobs market means you’re aiming your adverts at people from different cultures. That means you need to give off an air of flexibility and inclusiveness. Don’t be an insular company that works within a rigid framework. Show people that you’re willing to adopt new ideas and make changes to suit all cultures.

3. Show People Doors and How to Open Them

Habiba Khatoon, director at recruitment agency Robert Walters UK, lists opportunities as one of her top five recruitment and retention tips. She noted in an interview on that prospective employees consider career progression a “fundamental” factor in whether or not to accept a job offer [2]. Therefore, it’s important to explain how people can further their career within the company.

Opportunities to acquire new skills through training programs and job swaps are great ways to help employees progress. However, what’s crucial here is that you make these opportunities clear in your job adverts and marketing material. Moreover, potential employees need to see that you’re a company that supports progression.

Make Yourself Visible to the Mobile Generation

Implement these tips the next time you want to recruit people from overseas and you stand a better chance of attracting the best candidates. We’re not saying that all of the best candidates will be viewing your adverts on a mobile device, but the chances are that most of them will be. Therefore, you should keep these tips in mind within a mobile framework. In other words, your job adverts should convey the qualities we’ve highlighted in a way mobile users can access with ease.

Further Reading:

1. Google job board

2. Habiba Khatoon on recruitment

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