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The Tools That Can Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Here’s something that you won’t hear often regarding affiliate marketing – it’s straightforward. On the surface, what you have to do to be successful isn’t too difficult. How challenging can selling products and services to your audience be? After all, they follow you for a reason!

Of course, business, just like life, is never easy. The problem with affiliate marketing is that it requires passion and dedication. As the industry evolves, you must adapt to the times to remain relevant. That means keeping up with the latest technological tools and software that can make the difference between winning and losing, such as the apparatus below.

Ad Tracking 

Adverts are at the heart of your strategy, or they should be! Therefore, improving the performance of your ads needs to be the number one evolution at the top of your list. For decades, businesses have pored over data to consider it from all angles, but technology has the answer – tracking software. This tool measures a range of features that impact the performance of your campaigns, from traffic and clicks to sessions and conversions.

However, not all tracker software is created equal, which is why you want one that uses reliable server-to-server postbacks to get conversion data, while also distinguishing between various conversion types. Software which uses these types of processes means you can easily decide which advert or landing page has improved your conversions.

Search Engine Optimization 

The simple fact is, you won’t get many conversions or sales if people aren’t visiting your platform. As a result, SEO techniques are integral to the performance of your affiliate marketing strategy. The more traffic that lands on the correct web pages, the more you stand to gain. The issue is the number of available SEO tools. Now that SEO is proven to work, everyone is on the bandwagon.

The trick is to keep things simple, as it’s easy get lost going down SEO rabbit holes. With this in mind, as well as analysing your content, be sure to do the same to your competitors, since they might rank for words and phrases that you ignore. Dig into everything you can about their approach to SEO, such as keywords, backlinks and metadata. You can use this to rank on the first page of Google and boost traffic to your affiliate site. 


Did you know that a humble chatbot can increase sales by over 66%? It’s often assumed they have zero benefits, since they can be clunky and get in the way, yet the opposite is often true. Modern consumers are impatient, and chatbots direct them to the relevant information in seconds, making them very useful indeed.

The dilemma is fitting a chatbot into your affiliate website. The tactic isn’t the norm, so it’s tough to find a place for a seamless transition. If you’re struggling, don’t forget about the Frequently Asked Question sections. When you create the answers to FAQs, you can program a chatbot to reveal the solutions to people’s problems. FAQs are fantastic optimization opportunities, too, since you can include affiliate keywords and links.

If you’re going to use any affiliate marketing tools, make sure they are these three. Advert tracking software, in particular, is essential to ensure you understand what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

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