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The Ultimate Guide to Advertising Your Business on Social Media: Top Tips

Marketers’ top goal with social media is to advertise their services and products and, as a result, increase their brand awareness. Businesses advertise their products and services through social media in a process called social media marketing. Social media advertising is evolving rapidly, and it is able to reach a wider audience. Many platforms are integrating a mobile-friendly interface as many users interact with social media from their phones. Social media offer interactive platforms where your potential customers interact with your brand, and they can turn into actual clients. Explore some top tips your business can use in social media advertising.

Know Common Social Media Platforms for Advertising


TikTok is a new player in the social media advertising field. During the 2019 pandemic lockdown, TikTok gained popularity and people found a new way to let out their creativity. If you want to target Gen Z, using a social media platform like TikTok enables you to target that audience because most users are aged between 18-24 years. People use TikTok from their mobile devices, ensuring your ads are mobile-friendly. The good thing is you do not have to do all the work. A TikTok ads agency can offer you their expertise and help you optimize your campaigns. Experience in building campaigns will result in high customer conversion rates.


Facebook is one of the social media platforms that offer a wide audience reach. You can choose the older generation since they are the most users. You can engage directly with your clients through the comment sections. Be sure to request reviews and recommendations from your current clients to attract more of them.

Creating a Social Media Advertising Strategy

Know Your Audience

In social media advertising, demographics are an important factor to consider. Social media platforms emerged at different times. For instance, you can get a professional audience on Twitter, mostly on TikTok. You can target the younger generation, fun-loving students, and on Facebook, your target audience will be mostly older adults. You can also determine your audience through the highest number of followers you have. 

Have Consistency 

Successful social media advertising requires you to have consistency in posting your products and services. It would be best if you also had a strategy for how you display your ads. Ensure you have a few texts and great visuals that will easily capture the audience’s eyes. Be sure to know when to post; for instance, understand the time users are more likely to engage with your posts before their feeds are overwhelmed by other posts. 

Know What’s Trending

Marketers are offered the opportunity to be extremely flexible with advertising campaigns. As a marketer, you can post according to the trending viral sensations and trending news and resonate with what many people are engaging with at a particular moment. You should be selective, however, on the trends that can generate new customers and create a solid brand awareness campaign. 

Integrate Video Content

Integration of video content in your marketing campaign attracts more audiences. While using social media, be sure to stand out in your video content because there are plenty of competitors not necessarily selling the same products but funny clips too. Make your video worth watching; for instance, be creative in humor integration for your ads. Your videos should be light but of high quality to ensure they do not overload your mobile device. 

Social media algorithms change regularly. As a marketer, you must be aware of these changes to keep you in the loop of what’s trending and more engaging for users. Keep in mind to have a working strategy because social media platforms are wide; therefore, you will need to navigate them strategically. Social media advertising can be a solid foundation for your brand awareness. 

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