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Top Apps and Web Resources for Studying during Pandemic

Globally, about 1.2 billion students are at home as schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Staying at home without essential things to do can be frustrating to both students and parents. While at home, students have to keep up with studying to maintain brain fitness. In the course of the pandemic, online websites and apps keep on rising to help students undertake classes remotely. Here are some useful learning resources for students during the pandemic.

General websites for students Lifehacker website offers several articles that help you learn on becoming more productive; the papers allow you to improve various life aspects. The website can be resourceful for students during the pandemic period to develop different skills and learn how to manage multiple situations in life.
webappsstudents Not all knowledge comes from classrooms; you can obtain essential knowledge from different environments. Although many people think the MentalFloss website is wasting student’s time, it presents a good learning platform by providing invaluable facts. The subjects covered in the platform include food, different cultures of the world, and science-related issues. The website is relatively popular among people, with an average of over 16000 views per month. UnplugTheTV offers short educational videos, and it replaces the numbing television. Instead of watching TV channels, students can view engaging and educational video clips on this simple-to-use website. Remember, there are thousands of videos catered to educate and entertain all ages, including kids.

Essay Services. As we all know, essay writing is challenging; it requires time and a lot of attention. Just like in college, you may still have limited time to handle your essays. However, you need to master the writing skills to ensure you achieve academic success. You can hire reputable essay services for your papers at affordable prices. Also, credible companies have expert writers who handle all kinds of essays. They will produce the best custom essay on time. website is a kind of time management tool to help in planning your sleeping time. The bedtime calculator came into existent in 2010, and many people use it. While at home over the pandemic period, some students have many responsibilities like attending to house chores, and sometimes get little time for sleeping. The Sleepytime Web app will recommend time to go to sleep if you enter the time you want to wake up.

Educational websites for students Many students face difficulties in achieving their dreams of studying in top-class learning institutions in the world. The EdX website provides an opportunity for the students to gain whatever they want in education. offers over 2000 courses online for any person who wishes to undertake a virtual class in any subject. Although they are not degrees, any lesson from the likes of Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and many more can add great things to your professional career. You can pursue subjects like chemistry, computer science, business management, design, among others.

Writing Services. Academic essay writing is a challenging exercise for many students. While at home during this period, students may need to keep themselves sharp by writing as many essays as possible. However, without the relevant writing expertise, you will be producing low-quality articles. The best way to improve article writing skills is to write as many pieces as possible, and writing services can help the pandemic. You can google write my paper to find various reliable writing services waiting for your order. Also, writing services offer free revision that will help you while studying at home.

whilestudyingathome Like many other educational platforms, Coursera offers online courses and certification to learn and boost their professional career. Through the Coursera website, students can acquire online degrees from well-known higher institutions like IBM, Michigan, Stanford, etc. All courses are free except for the degree programs whose pricing varies depending on the institution you pursue. Since the website partners with several universities and organizations, you can have a wide range of courses to choose from.

Other useful resources for students poetry. We all understand the power of poetry; poems give us a surge of healthy emotions. While at home, students can learn how to compose and recite poems, positively affecting their communication skills. During the pandemic period, finding and reciting relevant poems can give you a sense of solace. Through Bartleby’s website, several scholars provide poetry and literature, and you can access soothing ballads. The website is very resourceful, especially for students who are pursuing English literature. Another great platform for learning is the TED website. Probably, TED talks are not new in your senses; they are one of the famous motivational resources among many people. TED is an organization aiming to offer educational and motivational information through below ten minutes videos. Most of the videos are in the form of intriguing animations. Through the TED-Ed extension, the non-profiting organization’s website provides materials and questions regarding each video. During the pandemic, most people, mostly students at home, need inspiring messages, and is the best site to offer them help.

Dissertation Services. Dissertations form a significant part of academic success, and they are not easy to structure. Over the Covid-19 pandemic period, students would like to continue writing their research papers. However, you cannot risk with research documents; you should write your dissertation based on the guidelines. Reliable writing services have professional writers who possess the required skills to do a quality dissertation. Therefore, while at home, students can pay for college essays online at reliable writing service. Through dissertation services, students can learn a lot about how to write research proposals by themselves.  Previously, people used to assemble several hardcopy encyclopedia materials on their bookshelves. However, with the advancement of technology seen in the recent past, people can access all kinds of encyclopedia thanks to internet-enabled smartphones. Wikipedia organization provides a platform where you can easily access educational information through the internet. Students may need various articles during the pandemic period to continue studying their subjects; Wikipedia website allows free access to millions of pieces. Although the website offers an invaluable amount of information, it is not advisable to cite Wikipedia as your information source. Wikipedia is open to everyone. Anyone can edit articles; thus, you should not rely on it as the only source for writing essays. Bartleby platform provides many services that are helpful to students. While the pandemic continues and schools closed, is a great online resource to offer you many benefits. First, Bartleby provides essay writing services, along with research papers and case studies. They also have a wide range of textbooks that you can access once you secure a subscription plan. Therefore, students can get textbook solutions and assignment help on the same platform.

In the wake of COVID-19, every aspect of life changed, and education is no different. Almost all countries around the world closed schools and students stayed at home. Online learning platforms have become more popular during the period. They offer great opportunities for students to learn skills and obtain knowledge on various issues while at home. I hope you find the best website for your learning.

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