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Using Mobile Marketing to Differentiate Your Business

When you’re running a business, you constantly need to be updating your strategy to stay ahead of the competition. No matter what kind of business you’re running, there are always other companies out there looking to take your market share. Creating an opportunity to stay ahead of competing businesses is known as a competitive advantage. Establishing a competitive advantage should always be a key part of your business strategy if you want to avoid being left behind.

You can learn more about how to achieve a competitive advantage through a competitive strategy course. This course will help you understand how best to leverage the resources of your business to create an advantage and how to make decisions that lead to innovation and improved performance. Innovation is a key aspect of competitive strategy, as it can help to differentiate your businesses from competitors.

What is a Differentiation Strategy?

Companies employ the differentiation strategy as a tool to help their services or goods stand out. When potential customers are faced with a shelf full of similar items, there isn’t much for them to choose from. A differentiated product or service will offer something that the others don’t, meaning customers are more likely to choose it.

A product or service that is different through innovation is more likely to command a higher price. Customers that see a unique product will be more likely to choose it, even if the price may be higher. With some differentiated products, customers are even willing to wait in queues and get excited about launch events.

Given a high level of competition within a market, achieving differentiation can provide a major advantage. To create an effective differentiation strategy, a company can evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. It should also consider the strengths and weaknesses and the competition and assess what its target market wants. By doing so, it will be better placed to offer a unique product that customers will choose over any competitors.

Mobile Marketing for Differentiation

Marketing is the most effective way to establish a differentiation strategy, as you’re able to tell potential customers what’s unique about your business and how your product or service can help them. Focus on establishing the unique features and what sets your company apart from the competition. Here are some of the main ways you can differentiate your business using mobile marketing.

Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website

Today, the majority of online traffic comes from mobile users. Almost 59% of global web traffic in the second quarter of 2022 was from mobile phones. If you want people to be able to find information on your products and services, you need to be able to reach them on their mobile devices. Setting up a mobile-friendly website is the first step to this. Search algorithms now prioritise websites that are designed with mobile users in mind, and pages need to load quickly on a variety of devices.

Be Innovative

Innovation is the key to creating a unique business that outshines the competition. You should aim to solve a problem when making changes to your product or service. Every industry evolves over time, and yours will too. Ensure that you stay on top of the latest trends and make use of technology to give your business the edge. Try to find the answer to common issues more quickly and precisely than the opposition can. You can use innovative marketing methods such as viral marketing to show off your brand and achieve greater recognition.

In-App Promotions

Aside from having a mobile-friendly website, creating an app can be a great way of building customer retention and loyalty. This also offers an excellent opportunity to create in-app promotions, rewarding loyal customers and ensuring an increase in app users.

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