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What is Martech And How Can The iGaming Industry Use It?

Recently, smartphones have started the journey of dominating online gambling. In 2018, the statistical data indicated that there are about 2.5 billion users of smartphone devices. However, the number has drastically increased as a lot of people use smartphones for different purposes nowadays. 

So, because the competition between mobile and desktop gambling is getting intense, online casinos have to look at other alternatives for creating brand awareness. Due to this,  online casinos are utilizing different types of marketing strategies to attract the attention of gamblers in Finland. The understanding of marketing strategy has been the secret trick of online casinos in building a solid reputation.  For example, casino netti offers in Finland more than just casino games to gamblers by giving them the opportunity of making their own choice.

Martech vs Adtech

Marketing and advertising technology are what the online casino industry is utilizing to build its brand popularity. The mobile gaming market has indeed contributed greatly in the past few years, but it wouldn’t have been possible without martech solutions and data analysis.

Online casinos value potential marketing more than anything else. They implement what gamblers desire and then promote their services through marketing. According to Auli Walkky, as an expert in guest post topics, they have the aim of always providing gamblers with more than they asked for.

In the past few years, the online gambling company has focused on the development of mobile gambling. Today mobile gaming is getting better than before with lots of engaging features for gamblers. Mobile gambling has given them the opportunity of staying close to their customers in Finland through push notifications.

Mobile iGaming operators are only a step away from winning the competition. But the facts about desktop gambling bring a more advanced gambling experience remains true. iGaming marketing is quite useful for online casinos in Finland for creating awareness of new development. 

Mobile iGaming

Mobile gaming is most of the time complicated to operate. Especially when the gambling app or platform is not well optimized for mobile devices. There have been a series of situations where gamblers are unable to register on a casino through mobile devices but work perfectly on desktop devices. However, when it comes to customers’ bonuses and benefits, mobile gamblers always receive more than desktop players.

Mobile iGaming gives players the ability to enjoy casino services in real-time, which makes a difference. Players can be on live events in real-time without the stress of having to utilize a desktop computer.

And players can also navigate to different sections like talking to the customer service about an issue while betting on a live event at the same time. With mobile gambling, why would players struggle to dress appropriately for visiting the casino, while they should easily bet on favorite events at the comfort of their home? Even when you don’t want to use a foreign language there’s always a way to change to your native language when using a licensed online casino in your country.

The evolution of mobile gaming is gradually putting iGaming operators out of business. For them to succeed they need to make new changes to their business services. While people can bet from home now,  only a few will consider utilizing the services of a local gaming operator.  With mobile gambling, players can also stream their favorite events from a casino app while placing wagers. And you also have a lot of gaming preferences to explore while playing from the comfort of your home. 


Recently, smartphones have started the journey of dominating online gambling. In 2018, the statistical data indicated that there are about 2.5 billion users of smartphone devices. The iGaming industry has utilized the different varieties of marketing technology to stay at the peak.

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