Monday, July 15, 2024
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Why You Should Try LinkedIn Advertising To Reach Mobile Users

High Value and Accurate Targets

LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for businesses and professionals alike. With more than 700 million users worldwide (and nearly 60% of those using LinkedIn via mobile), LinkedIn is still an unknown golden mine for millions of advertisers and marketers. Despite having one of the largest populations, many companies and individuals still ask why they should advertise on LinkedIn.

If you want to know some of the main reasons that make LinkedIn a unique and efficient advertising social media platform, keep reading. In this article, I’ll explain three key benefits that LinkedIn advertising offers.

Unlike other social media platforms and advertising channels, LinkedIn offers unique segmentation attributes. It’s the only platform that provides ad targeting by job experience, seniority, job title and industry, among others. On top of that, LinkedIn allows advertisers to exclude identifiers to serve vastly targeted advertisements.

For example, you can reach LinkedIn users with senior roles and exclude those with middle/entry-level positions. That means your ads only reach your target audience. Similarly, you can exclude certain industries as well as job experience from your ads.

Access a Great Audience

Compared to other popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn offers a unique advantage in terms of audience. Users on this platform share a huge amount of information, which includes skills, position, location and past work experience, to mention just a few. While users on other social media platforms share some of these details, work history is rarely covered.

Also, some users decide to provide inaccurate information. LinkedIn allows advertisers to access accurate information as well as sizable audiences. And what is more? The platform users ensure their profiles are up-to-date as they update them regularly, providing the latest information on skill sets and work experience.

Website Integration Thanks to the LinkedIn Insight Tag, a simple code snippet you can add to your site to help you optimise your ad campaigns automatically and track conversions, the platform provides one of the easiest ways to integrate blogs or websites. You can install the tag manually by adding it to the global footer of your website and start enjoying the benefits it offers instantly.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn provides several other benefits from the ones I have discussed above, including seamless lead generation forms, customised messaging, and a variable budget, as well as rich remarketing and retargeting possibilities. If you want to enjoy these benefits, start your LinkedIn advertising campaign today.

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