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3 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps & Websites

Powered by a feasible Instagram viewer app, you can track someone’s profile activity discreetly, even if it’s hidden from public access. This wizard allows you to get an all-around vision of all ventures that take place on Instagram, starting from direct messages and ending with recent posts that someone liked. This is an invaluable tool for modern parents who want to keep up with their children’s life. Instagram viewer apps and websites can also benefit business owners and managers who want to track personnel engagement in tasks.

But when it comes to choosing the best private Instagram viewer, you will notice that there is quite a competition on the market. There are specialized viewer apps such as Glassagram and spyware enhanced with a dedicated Instagram account tracker.

With this intense competition going on between these providers, it might be super difficult to make a reasonable choice. But don’t worry! We have tested the functions of most private Instagram viewer apps to help you make up your mind.


If you want to access a private Instagram profile without being noticed, Glassagram will be a good choice. This is a unique app that allows users to anonymously explore Instagram accounts hidden from public exposure. Teenagers often turn off a public view mode to restrict access to their posts from parents. But with Glassagram at your fingertips, you won’t need to register a separate account or find another way to follow the target person to start tracking. All you need is to input a target username, and Glassagram will handle the rest.

Founded in 2017, this private Instagram account viewer app keeps improving and makes itself a contender among other worthy tools. When we started testing the instrument, the first thing that caught our eye was its sleek, intuitive interface. Another good news is that you can use any device that supports Instagram to monitor activities. This list includes Android phones, iPhones, Mac, and Windows.

If you worry that an Instagram viewer application might be somewhat complicated to use, Glassagram will put you back in your comfort zone. Forget about touching someone’s phone at all. Once you enter the username of a desired Instagram profile, Glassagram will implement its powerful algorithms to bypass any access barriers and grant you a seamless tracking experience. The app scrapes the profile’s data, including photos, videos, stories, and comments.

Features of Glassagram

If your priority is to view private Instagram, Glassagram boasts a list of monitoring features, turning your device into an undercover agent. Here are the perks you will enjoy with Glassagram:

● Access both private and public Instagram accounts: You can opt for either private or public viewing mode to spy on any account.

● View Instagram stories anonymously: You will have unlimited time to take a glance at the recently uploaded stories without your identity being revealed.

● Watch videos and reels secretly: Glassagram allows you to see the posted videos with a tap of a finger. The profile owner won’t even know that you have been watching them.

● Track GPS location: As a rule, people tag places they have visited while posting their multimedia content. You can easily obtain geolocation information from the publications using Glassagram.

● Get regular alerts: Stay notified about recently published comments, likes, and new followers.

● See tagged photos, comments, followers/following: Get informed once anyone tags a monitored person in their photos or leaves a comment to get a helicopter view of their life. You will also get access to the followers/following lists.

● View hot likes: Stay abreast if someone likes old photos of your target; maybe someone is too much into the person of your interest.

Pros and Cons of Glassagram

While Glassagram offers excellent functionalities allowing you to track both public and private Instagram accounts, it can’t substitute an actual parental control spy app.


● Runs on all platforms

● Doesn’t require jailbreak/rooting

● Supports multiple accounts

● Is easy to get started

● Anonymous

● Doesn’t require installation


● Doesn’t show direct messages

● Pricey as compared to other options


Another robust private Instagram viewer app, uMobix, is one of the leading trackers in the game. It’s a cutting-edge spy app that allows users to track all kinds of phone and online endeavors. Just like it monitors other social media platforms, uMobix truly impresses as an Insta viewer for a number of reasons.

This Instagram profile viewer performs on both Android and iOS devices. The installation process is straightforward, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to get uMobix up and running. From the moment you download uMobix, you will feel the power of its magic hands.

uMobix made a step forward to become more than just an Instagram private account viewer that showcases multimedia content. Be it a story, comment, or direct message that you want to see, it offers a full Instagram tracking package that suits both novices and proficient users.

uMobix is a private Instagram viewer that works a bit differently depending on the device you are using. The app grants full access to Instagram on iOS devices allowing you to navigate through someone’s private accounts as your own. On Android devices, it works by recording the screen of a monitored device. Screenshots of direct messages, likes, comments, and other activities are sent to your userspace. There, all the captured information is completely safe and stored even if the user deletes anything from their account. It doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak to spy on iOS; other competitors can’t boast this feature.

Features of uMobix

With uMobix, you won’t feel like you are short of features. A pleasant bonus is the ability to control social media and browsing activity beyond Instagram. Below are the benefits you will get using uMobix:

● Access to all direct messages: Browse through incoming, outgoing, and erased direct messages or comments to stories.

● Stories monitoring: uMobix works like an Instagram story viewer. You will be able to check all the stories shared via the platform without restrictions.

● Keylogger available on Android: Log the keystrokes typed on the phone to be aware of all activities.

● Restricted content blocking on iOS: Unfollow or block potentially dangerous people to protect your children from Insta stalker.

● Enhanced geolocation tracking: Monitor someone’s whereabouts in real-time beyond Instagram location tags.

● Regular notifications: uMobix updates the information every 5 minutes allowing you to keep tabs on online activities all the time.

Pros and Cons of uMobix

Undeniably, uMobix is one of the best private Instagram viewers rewarding clients with enhanced features.


● Stealthy mode

● Viewing private Instagram activities as if you are the account owner

● Direct messages tracking

● Keystrokes recorder

● Responsive customer support 24/7

● Real-time geolocation monitoring

● Free private Instagram tracking for 1 day

● Demo version

● Glitch-free operation on Android and iOS


● No call recording feature

● Functionality for iOS is somewhat limited if compared with Android


mSpy is a mainstay in many reviews and for a good reason. For beginners, it offers monitoring of private messages, stories, posts, and links shared via Instagram. mSpy has an amazing track record in unveiling almost any content that comes its way both on Android and iPhone. Do you want to see your child’s stories hidden from you? Or, maybe, inspect what Instagram profiles they check most often? Consider it done! But mSpy developers didn’t stop here. You will be able to use this Instagram tracker remotely without rooting an Android device.

mSpy functions in the background, which makes it the best Instagram viewer app in terms of security. This means that you may retrieve any data while staying absolutely invisible. This 3rd party Instagram viewer operates similarly to uMobix. It gathers all data via a keylogger and screen recorder to give you an idea of what your child or lover is up to. On top of that, you can prepare a list of taboo words and get alerts every time a restricted keyword is typed on Instagram or another platform.

A special mention goes to the geofencing feature. In addition to tracking a complete GPS history, you will receive notifications once a monitored person enters or exits a specific location. This is an especially useful feature for busy parents or employees who can’t afford to keep monitoring all the time.

Features of mSpy

mSpy has bolstered tracking features to provide you with more functionalities than a regular Instagram private profile viewer offers:

● All-round private chats monitoring: See whom a monitored person texts in direct messages along with contact info and timestamps.

● Access to erased content: Read deleted messages and expired stories captured with a screen recorder.

● Private photo and video tracking: Avail from a private photo viewer possibilities to check publications without any limitations or human verification.

● Location and geofencing monitoring: Monitor someone’s precise location on the map.

● App blocking: Restrict the time your child spends on Instagram to boost their productivity. You can also use this feature to block the app’s use on corporate devices.

● Constant updates: mSpy regularly captures new information to make sure you stay updated with recent endeavors.

Pros and Cons of mSpy

mSpy truly excels with Instagram tracking delivering exclusive access to private content, even if it was deleted.


● No rooting is required for Android devices

● Hidden Instagram private viewer app

● Distant access to comments, DM, and shared links

● Geofencing notifications

● Keylogger feature

● Monitoring of other social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, etc.)


● Availability of most features in a jailbroken version, including Instagram

● Access to iCloud credentials for iOS users

Wrapping Up

If you want to keep an eye on someone’s profile activity without Instagram hacking, special IG viewer tools and spy apps can be a game-changer. We did our best to give you a thorough overview of 3 best private Instagram viewer apps. Each product offers unique features and functionalities, making them ideal for different users. We suggest that you make a list of features that are important for you to choose the best third-party app suiting your requirements.

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