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7 Key Trends Shaping Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Nothing is stopping digital mobile marketing from continuing to transform in the coming years. Here are 7 digital trends to help leverage your mobile business.

As digital marketers, whether novices or experts, staying ahead with these innovations isn’t always a cakewalk. But, to succeed in the digital marketing world’s face-paced nature — and maintain relevance with your company’s audience — it’s important to be on top of them.

To help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and even marketers build competitive marketing and advertising strategies, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We surveyed more than a thousand global digital marketing pros. We even chatted with some industry experts to build this guide to the hottest and most effective marketing trends worth watching in the future years.

1. Influencer Marketing Will Be Normalized in 2023

Influencer marketing became a hot marketing tactic in 2022, and our team predicts this year will see a continuous upward trajectory! Why? Because 89% of marketing teams using this technique will either increase or sustain their investments next year.

To top it all off, 17% plan to make their first investment in it next year.

When influencers, industry leaders, and marketers collab, they will be able to expand their brand awareness, gaining new fans and audiences from the social media influencers’ audience.

If you can’t afford a celebrity social media influencer, don’t fret — as a matter of fact, over 56% of marketing teams work with several micro-influencers!

According to Forbes, Micro-influencers offer an excellent way to engage and connect with your highly targeted niches. Though these influencers have fewer audiences, they still are highly-engaged audiences and followers.

By identifying the right micro-influencer, you can leverage their promotional power to promote your product and business at an even lower cost than opting for famous or high-profile influencers (celebrities and macro-influencers).

2. Short Content Seems to Be Trending

Short videos like YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and TikTok — have taken the digital marketing realm by storm! With 90% of online marketers focusing on investing and creating shorter forms of videos and content and a ratio of 1 out of 5 first-time marketing investors planning to use this short-form content in 2023 — we’re sure that in 2023, it’ll undoubtedly carry over!

In contrast, long videos offer depth and extensive information about your brand’s product and services — both B2B and B2C online marketers learned that brief, concise, and direct-to-the-point short footage is proven to be more effective!

Besides taking lesser bandwidth, shorter videos also take much lesser storage space! Aside from that, this aligns well with general online audiences’ short attention spans in various demographics.

3. Social Media is Becoming a Client Support Tool

Using social media channels as customer service tools are relatively new; however, this is quickly becoming a hot trend. A large percentage of marketers (above 25%) use DMs or direct messages to provide customer services, and a portion of marketers (15%) plans to begin investing in it in 2023.

It’s no surprise that this has become a part of the trend as various social media channels — Facebook and Instagram — are currently expanding their digital shops and e-commerce features. Due to this, offering customer support is the obvious step.

It’s also noteworthy that customers want to communicate via DM’s — most especially Millenials and the Gen Z population.

4. User Generated Content (UGCs) Gets More Focus

According to consumer studies by Business Adobe, people spend 39% hours with User Generated Content. UGC or user-generated content is essential across all levels of the client’s journey to influence your brand’s engagements and increase conversion rates. A customer-centric approach to social media and mobile digital marketing takes your brand’s authenticity to the next level.

60% of online marketers agree and are passionate about quality and authenticity as elements of successful marketing content.

The core essence of UGCs is that — people trust people — in short, consider UGC as modern-day word-of-mouth.

5. Mobile live streaming is becoming mainstream

Data AI’s report notes that mobile applications that deliver live video streaming features are enjoying significant developments. Consumers often use their mobile devices to stream media. For instance, users in the United States (69.4%), Japan (57.2%), and the United Kingdom (45.7%), 93.8% of viewers from China, and 91.9% from Turkey routinely stream content once every day through mobile devices.

6. Social Responsibility is Being Prioritized by Many Companies

89 % of online marketers that create social responsibility and awareness content plan to invest further or maintain in 2023.

The trend is obvious — social ethics, transparency, and responsibility matter the most to modern-day consumers.

7. Aligned Sales and Marketing Groups Will Win

As we move forward, it’s crucial for marketing and sales to work and collaborate. When these groups are aligned, digital marketers will get a clearer picture of the customers’ habits, interests, and demographics.

But when there’s a conflict with your team, it creates numerous problems for all people involved. Most especially, sharing access to data across various teams — this is exactly what 1 out of 5 online marketers struggle with currently.

Surprisingly, 31% of online marketers stated they have robust alignment with their teams.

Final Thoughts

You’ve caught up, at least temporarily. And so long as you maintain your finger on the marketing trend pulse and your mind is open to new ideas, your company will never be left in the dust.

There is no need to panic if the thought of remembering all these thoughts is making your head spin. We will continue to share advice when new marketing strategies develop and fresh research findings are published in the coming months.

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