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7 Things You Should Know To Write Quality Mobile-Friendly Content

In the race for the attention of Internet users, mobile devices long ago overtook PCs. According to Oberlo, in February 2023, 60.67% of all web traffic came through mobile phones. And no wonder the phone is always around. It helps you communicate easily and quickly find the goods and services you need, the address of the store, and the number to contact.

This source of traffic can not be left unattended. Be sure to check how your resource is displayed for smartphone users and whether the text in the mobile version of the website is attractive. 

Why do you need to additionally work on mobile-friendly content?

The convenience of content perception is based on:

  • Readability. You should design the text for the mobile version of the website so that the user does not have to look at anything. 
  • Informative. You should write meaningfully and take care of the semantic part, letting the visitor immediately see what you can offer him or her and why it is beneficial.

Both of these principles are included in the concept of usability – make it as easy as possible to use a resource. What is happening here, where to click, how to order – the visitor should not have such questions.

This is true for all devices. There should not be any obstacles to reading and perception. Otherwise, the user will just continue to search for other resources.

Most often, mobile content on the website is studied fluently, so a clear text structure and accents in the form of headings, lists, and CTAs are very important.

What changes when we go to a website from a smartphone?

The most obvious thing is that we view pages on a smaller screen, so the length and size of the text for the mobile version of the website play a crucial role, especially on 1-2 screens.

So the goal is to present information even more compactly, make as much sense as possible, put the most important things at the top, and consider mobile typography.

You have only 72 seconds to interest the user.

That’s how long an average mobile session lasts compared to 150 seconds on a PC. The screen is less, and so is the time. And if you have to scroll down 3-4 times to get to a great offer and important information, you won’t have the patience you need. You want to know the main thing here and now without searching all over the page.

Is it necessary to use special queries in the mobile-friendly text for proper content promotion? In general, the logic of keyword selection remains the same. Typing on the phone is slightly more difficult than on the keyboard, so it’s worth paying attention to shorter queries and cues from mobile search – they may be slightly different than on the PC.

Basic principles of writing quality mobile-friendly content for mobile websites

Here are 4 basic rules you should keep in your mind when creating mobile-friendly content.

Write briefly and clearly

Immediately describe the main advantages in a few words; the details can be presented below. When the user is interested, he or she will want to know more.

But that doesn’t mean people don’t look at long texts in the mobile version. Articles like “80 movies to watch with the son” are read with pleasure from both PC and smartphone. Even when something distracts them from reading, returning to the article that attracted them is easy.

You can write about a product or service in detail (and you should, even if your competitors have long texts). It is only important to attract attention with a favorable offer. Then the user will distinguish your company from others. If the content for the mobile version of the website is structured, it will be easy to read.

Design intelligently

If you can’t see anything or look lost in the canvas of the text or a large number of elements, the user will give up trying to understand what’s happening on the website.

The most important should be in the center

That’s where the user looks first when opening a mobile website. Placing the buttons and frequently used interface elements in the center is worth it.

Make sure that each page serves its purpose

Follow the general principles:

  • Distribute content blocks according to their importance for the client: the main thing – at the top, the rest below.
  • Volume – not less than that of your competitors. There are average indicators, but you should always look at how detailed the topic is, what elements are used on other websites, and how the mobile version is designed.

If you are unsure about your writing skills or don’t want to look for an experienced copywriter, you can turn to Essay Tigers. They are highly experienced in what they do and can advise you in creating quality mobile-friendly content.

How to write quality content for the mobile version of the website

Here are 3 essential rules to consider when writing mobile-friendly content.

Attract attention

The volume of text on the first screen is approximately 100 characters. It should be clear what the company does. The great idea is to add a favorable offer to attract interest immediately. A header with the necessary information is very important: phone number, office hours, etc.

The ideal text for the first screen in the mobile version should help the visitor understand: here is what I’m looking for, I found an interesting and profitable solution:

  • Services business. You can show the product in person. If something of your services is free (for example, a specialist’s visit to the site), you should offer it immediately.
  • Store business. You can show products with discounts. But it’s important to show only the most profitable offers for the buyer.

On the second screen, you should briefly discuss the main advantages – what benefits the client will receive from working with you. They should be designed to stand out against the background of the main text but don’t stand out from the site’s overall style. You can use lists with minimalistic or uniform icons.

Consider the volume of lines and paragraphs

The volume of a single line on the smartphone is no more than 30-40 characters. Make sure that headings take no more than three lines. Otherwise, it’s better to shorten them.

Short paragraphs are easier to comprehend. The optimal length is 3-5 lines.

Make it easy to read, set the accents

A common phenomenon when consuming content on the Internet is scanning or cursory browsing. Users rush to find something they are interested in, paying attention only to titles, highlighted words, and lists. Structured content has a better chance of being read, especially in the mobile version.

Why mobile typography is important

Good typography makes reading text from a smartphone easier and allows you to create a certain style for your product. You should be careful with unusual variants. You can use them in headlines, but without compromising the perception.

Uniformity is a priority: you should use the same style for headlines and body text.

The text size for the mobile version of the site is 16 px to 18 px. No one wants to look at the small font. Too large will also make reading difficult and make you scroll a lot.

What looks good on a PC may be unreadable in the mobile version.

Headings should be visually distinct from the main text. And not just the size – you can pick up a font pair in which versions look harmonious. A pair from the same family of fonts is a great solution, for example, Roboto Slab for headings and Roboto for the main text in the mobile version of the site.

Do not write long phrases in capital letters. Capital letters are tricky – seemingly easier to read, but they have similar rectangular silhouettes, which can slow down reading.

Bottom line

What you need to keep in mind when preparing and designing quality mobile-friendly content:

  • The first screen should be of interest. Therefore, it shows the product’s face.
  • Ease of perception is a priority. A huge role is played by the principles of readability and the rules of mobile typography. You can experiment, but be careful not to let anything interfere with reading. Remember: minimalism is now a trend.
  • The main thing is at the top. Do not make the user long look for benefits.

Content that looks good in the mobile version is pleasant to read, and a user-friendly website is an opportunity to get even more clients.

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