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8 Hottest Mobile Technology Trends To See In 2024

Technology has always been evolving since the birth of computers. Mobile technology is dominating and has also come to the point where we find it impossible to live without smartphones and other devices that keep us in touch with the outside world. With the current developments in mobile technology aimed at making phones better, smarter, and more powerful, the journey toward an integrated life with the help of technology is far from over. In this article, we’ll look into the recent developments in mobile technology that will be the hottest in the upcoming year, 2024. Let’s get started. 

Remarkable Trends Of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is undergoing many technological advancements. Below, we’ve listed 8 major trends. Let’s unfold them.

  1. AR/VR

AR and VR have generated a lot of attention which has completely changed the way we play, engage, and enjoy games. Taking advantage of this development in mobile gaming not only creates new avenues for amusement but also strengthens player communities and bonds. Undoubtedly, Augmented Reality will have a significant impact on gaming in the future, and this journey has only just begun. AR games like Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive have already caught gamers’ attention. The number of people using AR devices is expected to increase by 1.73 billion by 2024 and 1.4 billion by the end of 2023.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is widely used because it is a network of real-world devices that have sensors, electronics, and software implanted in them that are connected. IoT, one of the biggest developments in mobile technology, allows internet access to be extended beyond commonplace gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and PCs. Therefore, without the need for human involvement, devices that use IoT may connect and communicate over the Internet.

  1. 5G Technology

The world of mobile app technology has seen a significant upheaval with the introduction of 5G technology. The development and usage of applications will alter due to technology. Additionally, it will increase network efficiency while delivering a 10x reduction in latency speed and efficiency. 5G, one of the newest developments in mobile app development, will improve the functionality of apps by enabling developers to add new features.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain technology stores data in a way that makes system hacking challenging for hackers. Applications created with blockchain technology offer more data privacy, which enhances their security. Every transaction on the blockchain has a timestamp associated with it as well. As such, it almost eliminates the possibility of doing redefinition and data manipulation. The decentralized record system creates scalable mobile app solutions and is impervious to tampering. In addition, it ensures that mobile apps remain safe as their features are updated. Furthermore, Crypto trading apps like Quantum AI are blockchain based that allow traders to trade their digital assets using their smartphones. 

  1. Super Apps

Modern Android apps are developed to function in incredible environments. The majority of programs are made to work together to provide users with an integrated experience. China is largely responsible for the emergence of super apps, having created the WeChat app, the first software that was conceptually similar to a super app.  In addition, it offers a wide range of additional functions, such as games, payments, text and voice messaging, and much more to facilitate online communication.   

  1. Cloud

Security issues are a problem in the modern world. The Cloud can assist in addressing these issues. Stated differently, it enhances the security and dependability of the mobile app development process.

The advantages also extend to using cloud technologies to create robust apps, such as Dropbox, AWS, and SlideRocket. In 2021, there will be a notable advancement in the creation of robust apps that use less storage space on smartphones. The globe will continue to see a lot of cloud computing developments, and some of the most well-known will probably eventually take over.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are trendy because they provide a customised user experience to the customers and assist sellers in dealing with multiple clients at a time. How people engage with organizations is evolving due to the incorporation and usage of chatbots in mobile applications. The speed at which chatbots are gaining traction in the market for mobile app development will enable them to take over the globe more quickly. All seasoned mobile app development companies are excited to incorporate chatbots into their offerings.

  1. Foldable Phones and Devices

Can anyone imagine that a mobile screen can be folded? The Samsung company has launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, a smartphone that can be folded and expanded into a mini-tablet when necessary.  Other companies including Oppo, Huawei, and Microsoft have tried to create something similar to this, aside from Samsung. As foldable technology advances, so does the market for mobile applications, which are becoming more responsive and useful for customers by catering to foldable device needs.  


Mobile development provides strong and practical solutions by staying up to date with the newest advancements. We’ll soon witness a growing number of smartphone applications that make use of certain cutting-edge technology. Apps will become a major or even supplemental source of revenue for many businesses.

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