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Apps to Help you Start Earning Money Passively in 2022

One of the best ways to become rich is to diversify your sources of income. Not only does it help increase your cashflow, but it also gives you capital to invest in more money-making opportunities.

In this article, we’ll outline different apps that can help you make extra money online. Some of the apps won’t make you a millionaire. But they can help you earn an extra $100 per month while doing almost no work.

Some apps require a great deal of hard work before they can generate profits. But once successful, they could turn into full-time work. Without further ado, below are the apps to check out.

1—Nielsen’s Mobile Panel App

Nielsen is a digital marketing firm that helps companies understand market trends and find leads. Nielsen works through a mobile or computer panel app that runs in the background to monitor your Internet behavior.

The app keeps records of your favorite social networks, where you shop and what you buy frequently. It shares these data with businesses to help them learn how to market their products better.

As a reward, Nielsen pays you point everyday you use your smartphone or computer. You can then redeem your points for cash. If you live in the US, you can also get into a sweepstake with more lucrative rewards.

2—Honeygain App

Internet bandwidth is like honey. Everyone wants lots of it. Interestingly, you can have loads of Internet bandwidth and nothing to do with it. Honeygain is an earning app that pays you to share your unused bandwidth.

Let’s say you have a monthly Internet package of 25Mpbs. Yet, your Internet needs only requires 10Mbps. You could share the extra bandwidth through Honeygain in exchange for points you can redeem for cash.


Swagbucks is a popular free money-making app with millions of users. That’s because it provides multiple ways to make money online. First, it’s a search engine like Google.

Swagbucks pays you 10 to 20 SB points for searching stuff through its search engine. Then it also features surveys. The average survey takes 20 minutes to complete and can pay you up to 100 SB points.

Another way to make money on Swagbucks is by downloading recommended games. Usually, you need to install and play the game before you earn up to300 SB points.

Other ways to make money from this app is by shopping at sites recommended by Swagbucks. Here, you earn 4 SB points for every $1 you buy. Recommending the app to your friends can also help you get 300 SB points. To provide some perspective, you need about 1000 SB points to earn $5.

4—Survey Monkey

As the name suggests, this app pays you for your opinions. On average, you can expect to earn anywhere from $0.25 to $0.50 per survey. There’s a catch. You need to qualify for a survey and complete it for you to make money.

This model limits the number of surveys you can complete per month. All the same, it’s fun way to an extra $20 to $100 per month. And if you don’t really need the cash, you can donate it to your favorite charity.


Rakuten is one of the biggest online marketing companies in the world. It works with shopping sites to help them get customers. In turn, it splits its profits with its customers.

Now, you must spend money to make money on Rakuten. That’s alright. If you’re already planning to shop online, you might as well save money. All you need is to find your favorite eCommerce site and look for offers about stuff you need to buy online.

The best part about Rakuten’s shopping experience is that the cash backs can be generous. You earn up to 40% in cash backs. The downside—this app allows you to withdraw money after three months.


This is a cool app to download if you like taking photos. Foap works with online companies that need images for their marketing efforts. Foap splits its profits with you for each accepted image.

Usually, your photo needs to be registered (accepted) by a committee appointed by the app. If accepted, you earn $5 instantly. If the company also sells your image, you earn $100 for every sale.

7—Savvy Connect

Savvy Connect is yet another app that pays you to observe your online behavior. It tracks data about shopping, entertainment and how long you stay on these sites.

Similar to many passive income apps, Savvy Connect pays you in points you can redeem for cash. Savvy Connect is a subsidiary of Survey Savvy, which also pays to complete online surveys.

Additionally, Savvy Connect gives you an extra $5 for every new device you connect. You can connect a maximum of three devices.


Ibotta is a popular shopping app that gives you cash backs for shopping at your favorite online stores. In other words, it works like Rakuten. The company has partnerships with more than 2000 online stores.

As you would expect, you must provide a receipt showing that you’ve purchased a product advertised on the app. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can then redeem them for cash. The minimum amount needed to request a cashout is $20.


Truth be told, Fiverr is hardly a passive income app. It’s an active income app in that you need to complete an activity to get paid. The best part though is that Fiverr can make you rich.

Most passive active income apps pay you points you can redeem for an extra $20 or $50. Fiver lets you monetize your skills for hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can sell loads of services, from writing and editing to programming and photo editing.


In the realm of cryptocurrency trading, the issue of privacy and anonymity has gained significant attention. One such platform is Robinhood, a popular app that allows users to invest in stocks and digital currencies. Robinhood offers a simplified trading experience and does not require users to provide their SSN during the signup process. This feature has made it appealing to individuals who value privacy and wish to keep their personal information confidential.By leveraging Robinhood, users can participate in the world of crypto trading without the need for traditional identification methods. Bitcoin without SSN opens up possibilities for individuals who prioritize privacy or have concerns about the security of their personal information.

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