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Criteria for Choosing Your Mobile Device 

The cell phone has become a real Swiss Army knife! Previously reserved for phone calls and texting, you can now do much more with your smartphone: surf the Internet to find more about Playamo, take photos and videos, use it as a GPS, listen to music, and many other uses thanks to the many downloadable applications.

But how do you choose the cell phone that will be the best?

Criteria  #1: What Use for Your Cell Phone?

  • If for you a phone is only for calling, then yes a classic cell phone will be more than enough for you. But beware, you can always opt for a smartphone without using the functions that require an Internet connection.
  • If for you, a phone is also there to allow you to surf the web, take photos and videos, play games, interact with your friends via social networks, share all kinds of information with your family or colleagues, then don’t ask yourself any more questions: smartphones are made for you!

No matter what you use them for, we invite you to use our phone comparator to find the phone that best suits your needs.

Criteria  #2: Which Application System for Your Smartphone?

Choosing the ideal smartphone means choosing an operating system. There are 4 main operating systems such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, and finally BlackBerry OS. The difference lies in the ergonomics, the user experience, the functionalities, or the number of applications available for download.

Criteria  #3: What Size for the Screen of Your Smartphone?

Today, when you want to buy a new phone, you think about the size of the screen you would like to have. The trend is for fairly large screens but again it depends on the use you want to make of it. Some people prefer standard size screens to be able to use their smartphone with one hand, and others are more in favor of screens that are big enough for better visibility and for more intense use of all the features.

Criteria  #4: What Is the Best Processor for Your Smartphone?

The processor is the most important element in a smartphone. The fluidity of navigation, the speed of execution, the use of functionalities… all this is possible thanks to your mobile’s processor. Generally, we compare processors by their power which is calculated in GHz, which is equivalent to speed. The higher the speed, the smoother the navigation will be.

Criteria  #5: How to Choose a Smartphone With a Good Camera?

Today, our phone is no longer just used to make phone calls and has become multi-purpose. The camera is one of the determining criteria in the choice of your mobile and manufacturers offer increasingly powerful sensors to encourage you to choose their smartphone over another. Mobile photography is increasingly used by consumers and you will have understood that it is with megapixels that we can determine which are the best photosensors for these smartphones.


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