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Emerging Tech Trends to Redefine Mobile Gaming Experience

Over the past few years, mobile gaming has flourished. According to estimates, 2.5 billion individuals play games on mobile devices worldwide. Additionally, thanks to technological advancements, mobile games are increasingly able to match the visual prowess of their console and PC counterparts. This opens up a new gaming universe for both seasoned and casual players. Let us look at some of the trends:

Modern streaming techniques

Playing mobile games with console-level visuals, music, and gameplay may seem unattainable. Still, it is becoming a reality as tech giants like Microsoft and Google prepare to introduce their incredibly user-friendly distribution platforms, xCloud and Google Stadia. 

A new gaming streaming technology will enable players to stream games from the cloud rather than download the entire game on their mobile device. This will undoubtedly significantly muddle the distinction between gaming and online entertainment. The same is true for mobile casinos where players can stream live casino games from their mobile devices. Consequently, there is stiff competition among top casino operators, and as a result, they come up with offers such as Betfair casino bonus to attract and benefit new clients. Studies have actually shown that such promotions influence player choices. 

Streaming ability improves the gameplay and gives players access to a larger selection of games at a lower cost. Most likely, gamers will be able to subscribe for a monthly fee to play various games. This implies that whether playing on a smartphone, PC, or console, gamers can pick up the same profile without having to download or update any software from their end.

Bespoke Technology

Technology companies mainly focus on hardware technology geared to improve mobile gaming on smartphones. Powerful features like the MediaTek HyperEngine gaming engine for the 5G era, which has experienced substantial acceptance in 2019 and 2020, are included in premium gaming chips for international smartphone companies.

This system has many features that maximize battery life while accelerating game load times. It also manages various networks to establish dependable, low-latency connections and manages resources to deliver consistently high frame rates. Additionally, smartphones are beginning to offer ray-tracing visuals and next-generation wireless audio for augmented reality and other immersive gaming experiences.

Deeper integration of social features

Social media has expanded far beyond Facebook and Twitter; it is now widely used in the game industry, allowing players to communicate with friends and make new acquaintances. Massive communities already enjoy multiplayer games like Fortnite and Minecraft. Still, due to its pick-up-and-play, communal nature, Among Us broke through during the Covid-19-related national lockdowns.

In the upcoming years, we may anticipate seeing deeper and more potent community elements, such as hangout spaces and lobbies, becoming a normative aspect of every mobile game’s experience.

Not playing, just watching

But gaming has a social component beyond just playing; many people enjoy watching others play, and that number is rapidly increasing. It is already well accepted that playing video games is a spectator sport. According to a Neilson survey, 71% of young gamers are said to watch gaming videos on YouTube and Twitch. 

To add, analysts predict that by the end of this year, eSports will have more viewers in the US than any other sports league besides the NFL. The business model is significantly altered when audience growth surpasses player growth. Future game designers will probably focus on creating titles that appeal to potential viewers and players.

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