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Functionalities of The New ASUS-Qualcomm Smartphone With Snapdragon

There are many smartphones on the market nowadays that promise you the world. New and improved capabilities, new technologies and high innovations are all the buzz words when it comes to your phone, however, when considering playing high-end games on your phone, it all lies in the flagship technology built into these devices that will make all the difference.

For the past couple of years, the manufacturers of smartphones “Qualcomm” have been rolling out upgraded versions of their next-generation smartphones for fans of the devices. This year was no different, the company announced its newer version with the “Snapdragon 888”. The previous version was the snapdragon 865, which is nowhere near the third generation X60 5G modem and 6th generation AI engine and the latest release will be the first of its kind with a 5G modem chipset.

Besides all the functionalities and capabilities it provides its fans, one of the lucrative ones includes playing mobile and online games with ease and precision. When companies such as GGPoker have so much to offer their fans in terms of online games, why not have one of the best mobile devices to play it on?

The snapdragon 888 also features the third generation of its Elite Gaming platform via its Adreno GPU performance and makes the user experience far greater for games that were once reserved for desktop platforms with a 35% increase in its gaming graphics and speed. So games will ideally be much faster, and playing competitive games will be worth your while.

Other Capabilities of The New ASUS-Qualcomm

The phone can capture three 28-megapixel pictures at once and supports recording 4K HDR videos in HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) formats which means you can save them in 8-bit JPGs. This is the ultimate tool to capture yourself when playing any online game and one of the options is the Snapcam feature on some Poker websites where you can express yourself while playing on a table and record up to 15 seconds of video in high quality.

This optimal experience has never been seen before in any of their previous versions and it will also reward its users through their loyalty program with snapdragon branded merchandise. The company has been using this platform to provide information and feedback to their clients and the chance to learn more about their technology through their expert developers and coders.

When selling the phone, they provide its buyers with attractive packages that include the 5G phone which works in any region, along with some smart accessories such as 2 USB-C cables, a quick charger with an AC adapter,  noise-cancelling earphones that enhance sound technology and a bumper for the phone.

Not only does it function well it also looks great! The midnight blue casing with the red highlights gives it a modern and sleek look and the logo that is displayed on the back of the phone has a flame that fades.

Benefits of Playing Online Games on Your Phone

Besides the above qualities that make any gameplay a lot more interesting and fun, there are a few other advantages of using your phone to tackle those Poker tables and free spins.

  • Playing on your mobile changes your mood for the better
  • It boosts your brainpower
  • It can bring people from all over the world together
  • It can help teach you things on the go
  • It can improve dexterity
  • It can help improve your problem-solving skills
  • It can help heighten your concentration skills
  • It has also been used to help children with autism

There is never anything wrong with a bit of mobile gaming and it may just do you a whole lot of good.

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