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Generation-Y: Favourite Mobile Apps in the UK

Generation-Y, aka millennials, are no longer as young as they used to be. Millennials now belong to several, diversified age groups of mature individuals, with even the youngest millennials being 25+ years old, while oldest Gen-Y citizens are over 40 now. This creates an obvious dilemma since popular mobile apps for millennials in their 20s may not be as popular with millennials in their late 30s and vice-versa. Keeping those differences in mind, our list today has at least one or more favourite apps listed in it for every millennial in the UK.


Out of all the social media channels, Facebook is the most popular social app for millennials. While Facebook is universally popular within Generation–Y, older age groups (mid-30s onward) use the Facebook app more than other millennials.


Millennials in their mid-20s to early-30s have a growing affinity for Instagram over Facebook. They use both Facebook and Instagram, but Instagram has gained more popularity among young millennials lately.


Facebook Messenger is now an independent instant messaging app. It can be used with or without Facebook, and Instagram messaging has also been synced into the Messenger app. The move has further boosted Messenger’s popularity among Generation-Y users universally.


WhatsApp is the number one instant messaging application in the UK overall, but no other generation uses WhatsApp more than Gen-Y. WhatsApp’s popularity in the country has attained a steady status now, as it has remained on top for many years. Even though in some other parts of the world, Messenger tops WhatsApp in millennial popularity, WhatsApp is roughly six times more popular than Messenger in the UK!


YouTube and YouTube Music have nothing on Spotify yet, at least not in the UK. Gen-Y still needs Spotify more than the Google Search Engine itself apparently. It should be noted that the same holds true for Gen Z.


Across both iPhones and Android smartphones, no other email app is nearly as popular as the Gmail app. Apparently, very few Brits in any generation use the default email clients that come with their smartphones. Most prefer Gmail, even though some may use other client apps simultaneously. In fact, older Generation-Y groups are the highest percentage of smartphone users who also use other email clients than Gmail. Gen-Z is least likely to use email clients other than Gmail.


If you had to work from home in 2020, or if you still must continue to do so, you likely had to use Zoom. The video conferencing app experienced growth beyond all previous speculations. Consider the fact that Zoom generated about $330.5 million in revenue last year (FY 2019), but by the end of FY 2020, they had crossed the $622.7 million mark in revenue! Since Gen-Y has the highest percentage of office workers, Zoom still continues to be among the most used apps by millennials in the UK, and across the world.


The mobile casino app with live dealers, a wide range of online slots and traditional card games was launched on the Google Play Store recently. Ever since then, Casimba has been gaining popularity at a steady rate among millennials. Generation-Y consists of mature age groups who are likely to have a steady income, so it is not surprising to see the app fast becoming one of their favourites. The online casino app can be downloaded from the Play Store, or you can start playing directly at

Among Us

Among Us was the most popular mobile game globally last year, although it was released on both major mobile platforms way back in 2018. The online multiplayer social deduction game is extremely popular in the UK right now, if not the most popular among millennials. It’s also available on the Switch, PC and Xbox, but not on the PlayStation. Despite the curious game’s wide availability on several major platforms, Among Us has the highest player base among millennial mobile gamers (younger groups).

Even if you did not find your personal favourite in this shortlist, you might just be able to find your new favourite game or app by trying out a few of them. They are popular with millennials for a reason, and some of them may just be able to offer a better experience, as compared to what you are using or playing right now.

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