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Intriguing Benefits of Mobile Gaming

Even though many people see video games as a total waste of time, engaging in this type of entertainment has actual benefits that you should not ignore. Obviously, playing video games is a fun pastime that can make you feel good at the moment, but the activity has numerous other perks and there is plenty of evidence out there to support such claims. Taking the time to play games on your mobile device comes with a variety of positive aspects, so let’s take a look at the most significant ones:

It Improves Your Mood

Nothing boosts the mood better than the feeling of victory, and that is exactly what you experience when you go through a few big milestones in your favourite game. Whether you’ve finally figured out how to pass a difficult level, or you’ve just completed an entire game, the feeling of competence is something that stays with you for the remainder of the day. Of course, this feeling usually comes with demanding titles that involve experience and skill in order to surpass a great obstacle, but you can get a positive mood change in all sorts of gaming, depending on your taste and preference. On top of that, turning to mobile games can also help keep anxiety under control and secure more moments of relaxation than you normally would during stressful times in life. 

Variety and Ease of Access

Mobile games can be accessed at a touch of a button and you can have them running in no time, whether they are available through apps or browsers. And if you get tired of one title, you can quickly discard it and launch a different one, just as easily. Basically, finding new games has never been easier than now in the era of fast internet connections and affordable portable devices. Moreover, besides the well-known providers, mobile gaming also allowed many independent developers to enter the market and present the players with their fresh concepts. Therefore, the variety of titles available on mobile is unparalleled by any other medium. Nowadays, even online casinos offer their own apps and browser-based games and as a user, you can easily find a mobile casino list with reliable operators on different third-party websites. There is surely something for everyone’s taste, and once you have the game loaded on your phone, you can conveniently play it whenever you want, wherever you are. 

Continuous Brain Stimulation

Modern games available on mobile are actually full of mysteries and tasks that can train your brain, and this is true across many different categories. From seemingly simple puzzles and thought-provoking anagrams to complex strategy games, there are countless options you can pursue and increase your brain capacity at the same time. If you regularly engage your brain and keep it active through problem-solving, trying to figure out difficult levels, and focusing on numbers and other components that require memorization and analysis, you will continuously stimulate your mind and help it remain sharp and healthy. Moreover, many of the games available today can help you enhance your spatial awareness, as they require you to inspect various horizontal, vertical, and diagonal patterns in order to win the session. 

Suitable for People of All Ages

Engaging in mobile gaming is not limited to particular generations only, and everyone including teens, young adults, and senior citizens can have an amazing time with their favourite genres. The majority of the games are pretty easy to master and play, and even though teenagers are still the main focus of the developers, they continue launching new titles for all other age groups as well. In fact, according to the research conducted by the North Carolina State University’s team, senior citizens who engage in video gaming, even just occasionally, reported higher levels of happiness and fewer negative emotions than those who do not have a habit of playing. 

It Builds Social Communities

Mobile games can do wonders for social relationships through the activities in the social communities formed around individuals that share a passion for a particular title or genre. Most of the time, the communities are built around competitive games where the players can compete against their friends, or complete strangers they are yet to meet thanks to their mutual interest. Given the fact that we live in a time when the lack of regular communication makes it harder to meet new people and build social relationships, joining a circle of like-minded individuals is an amazing opportunity to form new connections. 

Enhances Problem-Solving and Logic

Gaming was proven to enhance the development of problem-solving skills as well as overall logical reasoning, and one of the latest studies that confirm it was conducted in 2015 by teams from Australia and China. The researchers performed MRI scans on the brains of 27 professional gamers, which lead to the discovery that the group has more grey matter, as well as better connectivity between some subregions of the insular cortex – the section of the brain responsible for decision-making and sensory processing. In practice, this means that the individuals who actively engage in gaming enjoy improved cognitive abilities which include better logic and sharp problem-solving. Such results do not come as a surprise since many gamers opt for genres that require lots of strategic thinking and planning in order to win and stay ahead of others. 

Improves the Attention Span

Although some people feel like gaming is an activity that can shorten a person’s attention span, there is evidence to confirm that long-term use could actually do the opposite and increase it. This mostly refers to fast-paced games where the players are forced to give undivided attention to the course of the game and keep switching the focus from one segment to another in order to score high results. Learning to stay that alert for a long period of time can improve one’s study habits, level of attention in various daily tasks such as driving, concentration during difficult conversations, and many other useful skills. Moreover, some games demand hours of effort and tons of patience in order to pass to the next level, and that patience is also crucial for the growth of one’s attention span. For instance, sometimes you need to repeat a particular trial over and over again in order to complete it flawlessly, and you cannot really do that unless you’re patient and concentrated. 

Boosts Multi-Tasking Abilities

Improving the ability to efficiently perform daily tasks, and finish more than one of them at the same time is one of the most distinguished benefits of gaming. The skill of multi-tasking develops from the frequent need for players to perform several different tasks at once, especially if they engage in dynamic action games. For instance, the users often find themselves in the middle of a fast-paced game here they need to keep an eye on the enemy and at the same time stay on top of the ammo, health, and other stats. In addition to that, they may also be on a call with other team members, strategizing about the next move. Staying focused in such a demanding environment helps the players perfect their multi-tasking skills and apply them in everyday life. 

Improves Dexterity

Engaging in mobile gaming requires you to use both thumbs simultaneously, which furthermore helps improve dexterity and makes it easier for you to perform delicate tasks. Mobile and controller-based games can be very useful for your hands, and the theory has even been confirmed through a study that involves a group of surgeons. The research has shown that doctors who played video games made 37% fewer mistakes than the ones who didn’t, and they were also able to perform advanced procedures faster. Moreover, some video games are even used to support the physical therapy of stroke victims who need to work hard to regain control of their hands and wrists. 

It Leads to Faster Decision-Making

According to research conducted by experts from the University of Rochester, being a regular player can help you become faster and more accurate when it comes to the decision-making process. Simply put, if you continuously place yourself in the middle of fast-paced gaming scenarios, you will learn to react promptly and decide on the next move on the go. Therefore, action games are a better choice than slower categories when it comes to developing such skills. In fact, when action game players are faced with a problem, they react to it 25% faster than those who engage in slow-paced games. Also, their decisions tend to be more accurate, yielding better results. There are many occupations where quick decision-making is crucial for success, and it is good to know that mobile gaming can improve it significantly. 

If you are a passionate fan of mobile gaming, you must be glad to learn about all the significant benefits that your favourite pastime can actually cause. And if you are new to the world of gaming on portable devices, you can now engage in it without feeling like you’re wasting your time.

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