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Maximizing Your Smartphone’s Battery Life: Tips and Tricks for the Long Haul

Smartphones are basically an extension of our brains. By the way, it is also useful to have their manual available in case we come across any issue.

We use them for many purposes that have become absolutely essential, such as:

  • scrolling social media;
  • checking emails;
  • or using the maps.

We expect that these gadgets follow the pace of our lifestyles. We also come facing one of their most hated limitations: battery life. However, hope is not lost, as there are a few ways in which it can be extended.

Different kinds of batteries

Of course, getting a good comprehension of how these batteries work is an essential step. Most modern smartphones employ batteries made from chemicals like Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po). Their high use is due to their high energy density. They also slowly lose their charge when not in use. However, they are also sensitive to very high or low temperatures. They have a fixed number of charge cycles too.

Let’s address the question of how to use this phone in a way that preserves its battery. First, the screen is one of the most significant items that drains the battery from your essential device. To combat this, you can reduce the brightness. Also, you can give the screen a shorter time before turning off. Using dark wallpapers can also be extremely useful in cutting battery consumption. Finally, disabling auto-brightness and manually controlling the screen’s brightness can save highly valuable energy, too.

Those sneaky apps

Furthermore, apps can eat energy away with you not even noticing it. It is recommended that you regularly check what applications are running in the background, as they also spend your valuable battery life. You can also close apps that are not necessary. Also, applications with push notifications can also eat your battery quite quickly, so it is a good idea to limit them to essential notifications only.

There are other features that also drain your battery. They include GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. Even if you are not using them, they may still be active. For this reason, turn these features off when you don’t need them. Airplane mode can also be very helpful when in areas with poor coverage.

Don’t forget about the location

Location can also drain the battery of your phone. We agree that this is a useful feature. But allowing all your apps to access the location is simply an overkill. For this reason, check if you can disable access to location in certain apps. Another option is to set the permission to “while using the app” to limit overall access to your location.

It is also worth noting that the life of a battery can be shortened even quicker if the gadget is left in hot environments. For this reason, it is essential to avoid leaving the gadget in a hot place or exposed to direct sunlight. Removing the case can also help to cool it down.

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