Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Mobile Banking Apps Offer a Gambling Site Blocking Tool

With many people eager to get their gambling fix at any time of the night or day, a huge number of them have turned their attention to gambling apps, which allow them to bet on sports, play bingo and poker or casino games from anywhere.

Vast fortunes have been lost rapidly by many such gamblers, and a huge percentage of them report they go into a trance-like state when gambling on their mobile devices and lose all sense of reality.

Making deposit after deposit into a gambling-related app can soon drain anyone’s bank account, and that is something that did need addressing, for sadly some people have got themselves into severe financial difficulties when mobile gaming and have, as a result, had very dark thoughts and experiences after a hefty losing session.

The UK banking industry as well as the UK Gambling Commission have, over the last few years been looking at new and innovative ways that they can help gamblers protect themselves from getting carried away when gambling.

A whole slew of different responsible gambling tools and settings have now been forced on gambling companies such as forcing them to offer their customers maximum deposit limits on their accounts.

However, anybody that is in the grip of a gambling problem, could simply open up accounts at any number of gambling sites or apps, and even if they have a modest deposit limit in place at each one, by flitting from one to another they could quite easily and very quickly, rack up some huge losses.

That simple fact has led to banks across the UK to offer a simple solution to their customers who have or are experiencing gambling problems, and that solution is an option in their mobile banking app that allows them to block any and all gambling site transactions they attempt using their debit card.

As such, as soon as that option setting is activated and turned on, any attempt at funding a gambling related account using a debit card will be declined, even if there is enough money in the bank account to cover that transaction.

The way that system works is quite straight forward, for when any debit card processor submits a payment to a bank for a transaction a special code related to the type of transaction needs to be generated, and therefore banking app software soon identifies a gambling related deposit and can instantly block it when required.

Having said that though, there are of course plenty of fully mobile-optimised sites at which anyone can gamble at, and not all of them are licensed and regulated in the UK.

There are no shortage of them that are not licensed anywhere in the world, and what has been discovered is that many of them cater for problem gamblers, but not in a good way.

They exist purely to take advantage of those experiencing a gambling problem, and to get people to deposit and gamble more they fraudulently label deposits from their customers as non-gambling-related transactions.

Therefore by doing so, even if someone has activated a gambling block on their debit card, by falsely labelling those transactions as something else, such as a general retail outlet transaction the deposits are approved.

That is something that many banks are fully aware of, however without the help of those who have been victim to such operators of gambling apps and sites reporting those discrepancies to them, many banks are unable to act.

If you are ever tempted to gamble online or use your mobile device to gamble with, make sure you stick to using those that have been approved and are fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

For by doing so you will always have the pace in mind in knowing that there are always going to be a range of responsible gambling tools that you can make use of to help you stay in control.

If you have noticed all manner of weird looking/sounding transactions when funding a gambling site or app account online appearing on your bank statement, then make sure you alert your bank so they can take action against the merchant.

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