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New Trends in Technology Used for Events – and How You Can Use Them

We all know a few technological innovations, and some have even been powerful enough to change the way we plan and organise an event. With the pandemic nearly over, we can hopefully go back to the way we did things – but some things have also changed – for the better, we think.

When you are planning an event of any kind, it pays to know what technological advancements and innovations to adopt. And believe it or not, there are many of those – and it’s up to you to decide which to take advantage of.  For example, new trends in technology used for events and learn how you can leverage cutting-edge event ticketing software like TicketFairy for a seamless ticketing experience.

You have to separate the wheat from the chaff, as they say – and by doing so, you can organise and host a much more relevant event. But first – what are the new technologies available, anyway? More importantly, which ones will be most beneficial to you? Let’s take a look at some new technological trends and breakthroughs you should be aware of that can impact your event – and breathe new life into it.

· QR codes – the wave of the future

As you may have noticed, QR codes have become the next big thing – and they are an invaluable tool to get buzz for your event. Many more people interact with QR codes, and if you’ve been to a restaurant where you had to download the menu via a QR code on your mobile, then you know exactly what we are talking about. Now that everyone has become acquainted with QR codes, it’s no surprise that more events have used them – and continue to use them.

With a QR code, you have another addition to traditional marketing tools used for events, such as leaflets, flyers, posters, and business cards. You can use your event’s QR code to connect to attendees and take attendance, but you can also use them to change customers’ experience with the brand and offer a map of the venue, for instance.

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies like QR codes can greatly enhance the attendee experience. To ensure seamless implementation and management of such technologies, consider partnering with professionals in laptop rental services. Providing attendees with the necessary tech tools, including laptops, can amplify engagement and accessibility, transforming your event into an immersive and interactive experience.

· A live translator

As events become more global and you have participants from all over the world at your next event, we are seeing the proliferation of live translators. Whilst English is still the lingua franca and most participants can speak and understand it, there’s nothing like connecting to your audience via their native language. There will be more tools used for live translations, and you can reach out to a truly global audience.

Incorporating online subtitle translator tools into event technology solutions has become increasingly popular for enhancing multilingual accessibility, allowing attendees to fully engage with content. You can explore one such tool at online subtitle translator to facilitate seamless communication across language barriers.

· VR is everywhere

Virtual reality has become a big thing on forums, and event planners are using them to transport users to a whole new world – from carnivals and funfairs for people who cannot attend a funfair in person to event speakers who are otherwise engaged elsewhere. For example, if you are holding an event with a funfair theme using a fairground stall hire provider, then it’s easy for guests to attend the same themed event – even from thousands of miles away!

For those who cannot travel to your event but would very much like to be a part of things – to experience it, in short – VR is the way to go. In fact, companies like Facebook are leading the way with meeting and conference attendees who show up as avatars, and the programme is referred to as Horizon Workrooms.

· Holograms are the way to go

In line with VR comes the next best thing – holograms. Holograms will be increasingly used as displays in 3D, to showcase presentations, and even to serve as speakers for large-scale and small-scale events.

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