Monday, July 15, 2024
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Should All Mobile Business Apps Scrap Passwords and Integrate Biometrics?

Now that all the most advanced mobile devices on the market offer biometric authentication, it’s a good opportunity for apps to align with this and integrate it. FIDO Alliance reported that around 80 percent of data leaks are linked to passwords, so it would be useful for a better alternative to become more widespread.

For business owners who offer a mobile app, there are various benefits to introducing biometrics. Along with enhancing security, it can also improve the user experience.

Biometrics Are Becoming Ubiquitous

Over the last few years, biometrics have gradually permeated the mainstream. The first Apple smartphone to use Face ID was the iPhone X in 2017, and this came in as a successor to its previous Touch ID system. Since then, adoption of this security software has been rapid across all technological devices.

It’s clear that mainstream users are keen for biometrics to surpass passwords and become the new normal. The older form of login could be lost or stolen, and research has found that most internet users only opt for simple passwords that can be guessed easily by high-tech systems.

Moreover, according to Exploding Topics, one in eight adults in the USA use the same password for all their online accounts. Users’ biometric information is impossible to replicate, meaning that it’s much more difficult for hackers to bypass.

More Important for Sensitive Sites

Some of the biggest brands in the world have already begun to use biometrics when users access them from mobile apps, and smaller businesses now need to follow suit. For instance, major banking apps like Lloyds now allow customers to use their face or fingerprint to log in. This is hugely important for financial services, as they deal with people’s money and customers need to feel fully secure.

The same could be said for companies whose users spend money regularly. The top rated online casinos, for instance, pride themselves on offering the top security options available. According to a SkyVegas Casino review, the site allows mobile players to use the built in touch ID or retina login on their devices.

If your business deals with sensitive information or customers’ money, you could enhance the safety protocols by scrapping passwords and opting for biometrics instead. This will make people feel much more secure in the knowledge that it’s unlikely that their funds or personal details will be at risk.

Could Improve the User Experience

One of the key things that customers look for when they use any business is a smooth user experience. They want to be able to find the things they are searching for easily and make purchases without hassle. Passwords can be a major stumbling block to this smoothness, especially when someone can’t remember what password they used for a site.

Biometrics offer a seamless gateway to a mobile app, without any of the hassle of having to rack your brains for a password. You know that the security is tight when you see the facial scan logo pop up on screen, and then you’re free to shop safely. Any business owner who offers a mobile app should consider integrating biometrics.

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