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The Best 5 Apps to Ease Your Life in 2021

We all deserve pampering in 2021. What better way to achieve that than with the latest technology?

From cooking to sports and from entertainment to homework – apps can make anything seem like a breeze. Today we’ll be looking at five life-changing apps to download to boost your 2021 significantly.

1.   TikTok

One of the main facts of life is that it can get strenuous and discouraging. Especially when bad news pours in from all sides of life, you need a moment to escape from reality to relax and find the joy of life again. TikTok is just the app for that!

As it may have never occurred to you, TikTok is not only entertaining youth but is enjoyed by adults too – regardless of age. TikTok offers versatile content in a simple form. Therefore, it doesn’t flood you with relentless information. TikTok’s most popular trends and genres include dances, lip-syncs and meme content, which explains its widespread and extensive popularity.

2.   Uber

This list just would not be the same without Uber. If this app is not familiar to you yet, let’s help you out. Uber is an internationally known on-demand taxi service. Today it operates in approximately 400 cities across 70 countries and has staggering 103 million active users. Despite creating controversy in some countries, anyone in its countries of operation is available to use it.

But what makes Uber such a vital app?

Uber connects its clients, who need a ride at that moment, with an immediately available Uber driver. It makes moving from A to B a piece of cake. You can find the needed ride in minutes, so the user experience is smooth and top-notch.

The app uses Google Maps, so the client and the driver can see each other’s exact locations. You can also monitor the ride from the backseat, which makes the use of the app even safer.

3.   MyFitnessPal

When the clocks hit midnight on New Year’s Eve, half the world is putting on their training gear and getting ready to hop on the treadmill. But we all know how that story ends, don’t we? You’ll find yourself on the sofa and stuffing your face with pizza in no time!

This year, the MyFitnessPal app can assist you. MyFitnessPal helps you to eat healthier by monitoring your daily eating habits. With the app, you’ll understand how much you consume so you can make possible changes to your diet to achieve your goal weight.

You can also follow your physical activity to get a better view of your progress. The app also gives you an analysis of your progress so you can see where to improve.

4.   Mint

Budgeting is also a subject people find troublesome. Honestly, how can anyone save money when just earning it deserves a reward every month?

Mint is here for you! It’s a simple and straightforward financial app offering a holistic view of your finances. By creating an account, you can create and manage your budgets, monitor your savings goals, and ensure that you pay all your bills in time.

When it comes to saving money, being systematic is the key. Mint gives you a hand in organising your finances next to all the expenses, helping you make changes towards healthier spending habits.

5.   Skillshare

You are either against or for technology, but it’s hard to disagree that it makes learning ten times easier. Modern apps like Skillshare make learning new skills even more accessible.

The Skillshare app has thousands of courses from learning about business and productivity to how to start writing, painting or drawing – Skillshare can help you learn all the skills you’ve always dreamt of! With this app, you can find brand new hobbies or brush up on your older skills and develop them.

The app gives you access to lessons you can enter at your own pace, from wherever you are. Some of the Skillshare lessons are even free of charge, making learning even more accessible. Later on, you can update your membership easily to a monthly or a yearly subscription, giving you access to the app’s full content.

Final Thoughts

All the above apps will make your life easier, more organised and simpler than ever before, or they will keep you entertained whenever you need them.

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