Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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The importance of apps for businesses

Smartphones are now ubiquitous with the penetration rate in the United Kingdom reaching over 93% in 2023 and set to exceed 94% by 2028. Last year, statistics revealed that nearly 96% of UK internet users owned a smartphone with the vast majority using their phones to surf the net.

However, there are often issues with websites optimised for mobiles such as slow loading times and navigation issues which can result in an increased bounce rate, which is bad for business.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the industries where apps are essential and the benefits that can be gained by companies in these sectors offering customers a dedicated app.

The iGaming industry

The rise in smartphone ownership has led to an increase in the number of users accessing websites on the go, so the iGaming sector has emerged as an industry where a mobile app is essential. With slot machine games becoming increasingly sophisticated with interactive graphics, apps are required to offer customers a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience. An intuitive app can also help players access the games they want to play with the minimum of effort whether they are at home or out and about

The travel sector

Fabio Moioli, executive search and leadership advisor at Spencer Stuart, views the travel sector as an industry where a mobile app is crucial to reflect modern lifestyles where people are constantly on the move. Companies operating in the sector, such as Expedia, offer a mobile app so customers can book their trips quickly and easily. The success of the app is underlined by the total downloads of over 50 million with the latest innovation seeing the mobile app integrated with ChatGPT to facilitate the planning of trips.


Beyond the obvious benefits of convenience for e-commerce companies, online fashion shops can also offer customers the chance to try on clothes via virtual clothing apps such as Zyler, which create computer simulations of how the clothes will look before customers commit themselves to buy the items. The fact that around one-quarter of all online orders from fashion companies are returned highlights the value of integrating this type of virtual app.

The recruitment sector

The recruitment industry has emerged as an important area of growth for mobile apps. As Michael Beygelman, the founder and CEO of Claro, points out, with jobseekers increasingly using smartphones as their main tool of communication, companies can lose out on applicants if they are unable to apply for jobs using their smartphones. Recruitment apps, as used by a wide range of UK employment agencies including Reed, give prospective employees the chance to apply for jobs conveniently and as Beygelman points out the benefit of apps is that the job application process no longer “dates back to 1993.”

With smartphones used to access the net for purchases and services when users are at home or on the go, it has become essential for companies to provide a dedicated app to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for customers. The opportunity to integrate ChatGPT also raises the prospect of further innovations beyond the planning of trips, such as practice job interviews in the recruitment sector.

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