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The Next Wave of Mobile Technology in 2023

The mobile technology industry is constantly evolving, and 2023 promises to bring a lot of exciting new developments to the table. If you had fun with the latest improvements in 2022, just wait to see what amazing surprises await you in 2023! This year we expect to see some 2022 mobile technology trends become more and more advanced, but also to meet new entries in the tops, which users may have overlooked before.

The mobile technology trends in 2023 we will talk about are the most inclusive, so almost any type of industry will be able to benefit from them. Thus said, no matter whether you’re a gambler who likes to claim a free welcome bonus no deposit required or another type of casino welcome bonus when you have some free time, a fashionista who likes to shop online when you’re on the run, or a regular user who uses social media, makes payments and takes photos, the mobile technology trends in 2023 will definitely make your life better. Let’s check them out and see how we can make the most of them this year!

1. Mobile augmented reality

Mobile augmented reality has been around for quite a while and got more and more advanced. Nowadays, any type of industry can integrate augmented reality with a bit of creativity and provide a more pleasant and immersive experience for users.

For example, mobile gaming lovers can use augmented reality to enhance the graphics and animations for any existing game, no matter whether we’re talking about regular mobile games or games in any mobile casino. They can also enjoy games developers created specifically for AR technology, which allows users to use the cameras of their mobile phones to bring fictional characters into the real world.

Of course, not only the gaming and iGaming industries can benefit from AR, as the possibilities of mobile augmented reality are limitless. People can try clothes and makeup inside apps, check whether some pieces of furniture fit better in their rooms when they have to decorate, see more information about their surroundings when pointing their cameras at certain objects, and more. Mobile augmented reality is already pretty popular, but specialists expect it to become even greater in 2023, so stay tuned for more amazing AR experiences!

2. Wearable technology

According to Globaldata, 2023 is the year when wearable technology is going to become an immense hit, as they expect the market to surpass $54 billion. In case you are still unfamiliar with what wearable technology is, wearables refer to devices you can wear for various purposes. These include watches, rings, wristbands, and more.

Currently, many people use wearables to track their health and fitness performance, quickly receive and respond to messages, emails, and phone calls, schedule reminders and appointments, get directions and recommendations for places nearby, and more. In 2023, we expect wearables to have even more functions and allow us to refrain from carrying other mobile devices everywhere.

3. Mobile payment solutions

Mobile payments got extremely popular in recent years, especially after the global pandemic. People turned to mobile payments during the pandemic because they provided extra safety and didn’t require them to touch money or coins. After the pandemic ended, users got used to the many advantages of mobile payments and kept using this method as the main one.

According to ReportCrux, the market is going to keep rising, and they estimate it will reach USD 8,724.2 billion by the end of 2027. Thus said, mobile payments won’t go away anytime soon, and they will still be a trend in 2023 and allow us to enjoy fast, simple, and safe transactions.

4. Foldable devices

Foldable devices were one of the biggest trends in the mobile industry last year, and according to Technavio, the size of the market has a high chance to grow by more than $73 billion, with a big increase starting in 2023.

As you can deduce from their name, foldable devices are mobile devices that you can fold, which provide a larger screen in a smaller, portable form. They have lots of benefits for users, as the larger screens allow them to multitask, play games or watch movies at a better quality without having to carry a bigger device. Moreover, foldable devices often have durable materials, such as flexible OLED screens, which are less likely to break or scratch than traditional glass screens.

5. Super apps

If you have never found a mobile app that gave you everything you needed, in 2023, you will finally be able to download one! Super apps were a trend in 2022, and we expect them to become even more popular in 2023.

These apps have the purpose of replacing a certain number of separate apps because they integrate all of their functionalities. This way, you won’t have to download tons of apps to get the services you need, which will give you a better and simpler user experience and also save you some space on your mobile phone.

We can’t wait to see all of these improvements making our lives better in 2023, and we’re very excited to get to enjoy each of them as soon as possible!

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