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The Top Grossing Apps of 2021

If you’re looking to release an app, maybe it would be a good idea to see what’s out there. Who is the best-selling? How did they get there? What’s working? What’s not? The list has everything from Facebook app, the eToro trading app to the LeoVegas Mobile App. Read on for our breakdown of the top-grossing mobile apps of 2021.

Google One

Is it any surprise that Google ended up at the top of this list? The only app in the top five to come under the genre of “productivity”, it has monopolized in making lives easier and is proven to be the best at it.

Designed to manage your cloud storage, Google One automatically backs up your phone to the Google cloud, which is something every device will need eventually.

Perhaps proving the idea that there are more Android users than iPhone, its Apple equivalent, iCloud, isn’t in the top 50.

Garena Free Fire

It isn’t so surprising that three of the five top grossing apps in 2021 are games, but what is surprising is Garena Free Fire’s addition. The top game on this list, it isn’t the most heavily marketed, with names like Raid: Shadow Legends and the juggernaut that is Candy Crush Saga coming to mind when someone mentions mobile games. But a Singaporean Battle Royale survival shooter does seem like a recipe for gaining clicks. The game sees players parachuting into a randomly assigned No Man’s Land to strategize and survive. It is one of a few games aiming to bring a more AAA experience to the mobile industry and is an even rarer example of it working.

Candy Crush Saga

Most games follow the Candy Crush formula. Everything from reality TV show simulators, Episodes, to casino sites keep the gameplay, graphics, and stakes simple. And who can say it doesn’t work when Candy Crush Saga consistently ends up at the top of these lists since its inception in 2012.

The consumers’ love/hate relationship with the game is reflected in its drastically mixed reviews that express a love of the game but a hatred for its money-grabbing tactics that are blatant to see. Maybe the lesson here is subtlety, and Candy Crush could have made it onto the top spot.

Coin Master

The closest competitor to Candy Crush Saga, Coin Master is a simple slot machine game surrounded with thin narrative and small elements of bigger games embedded in the gameplay. For example, there is a raiding and looting element reminiscent of World of Warcraft.

This doesn’t suit its cutesy graphics and characters and, in fact, might be indicative of a game trying to appeal to everyone. It is also perhaps why Coin Master has a PEGI 12 rating where Candy Crush has a PEGI 3 rating.

But, like Candy Crush, it appeals to a need to keep playing and keep climbing, with its own addictive tactics like appealing to collectors, gamers who need the best loot, and gamblers.

Disney Plus

With news of Disney buying properties left and right causing people to call Mickey Mouse our overlord, it’s no surprise Disney is the top streaming service on this list, despite being one of the newest.

Disney has an edge in that it has almost a century of good reputation and critical hits to feed us. Not to mention the element of nostalgia to gain off of. Netflix watchers will always be looking for the next big thing, where Disney Plus users are looking for something that they’ve seen before that will make them feel gooey inside.

But the main cause of Disney’s high rise in a top-grossing list is undoubtedly due to their subscription payment method, which many apps may push, but few justify. Paying $7.99 for unlimited access to a varied movie and television package is very different from paying $7.99 a month so a sleep app can offer a few more white noise choices.

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