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Top 6 non-standard ways to attract mobile app customers with a minimum budget

When a business is limited in advertising budgets, it is necessary to use unusual scenarios for finding the target audience. This is especially true for small firms and startups. Let’s consider in this article the mobile app promotion options that can be resorted to either without money or with minimal investment.

Business placement in geoservices

Millions of people search for information on maps of search services every day. The main scenarios for using maps are searching and routing, but there are others.

In the geoservice, you can choose a place for lunch, or see which sports clubs are located near the house. Tourists view maps of places they want to visit as well as hotels, restaurants, and rental companies. It will be much more convenient to open the map and see the location to hire a vehicle while on vacation rather than to spend hours surfing the Internet. It is important not just to create a company card, but also to issue it. You need to use keywords that reflect the subject of the business like rent Mercedes G63 Dubai. You can study reviews about the rental company in geoservices and choose the one that provides the best quality of services. This way the search engine will understand who to show the query to in the search results. A motorist plotting a route also sees the companies on the way, like car repair or rental services. 

Working with opinion leaders

Influencer marketing refers to working with opinion leaders who have a loyal audience. Studies show that on average 60% of people trust bloggers.

You can work with bloggers not only according to the traditional model of buying advertising. On a non-commercial basis, opinion leaders can talk about a mobile app and describe its benefits and simplicity of use, do a review, or present a business. To do this, you need to find micro leaders – bloggers with a small audience that is exactly the target for a particular business.

Working out reviews

Almost all Internet users read reviews before buying a product or downloading a mobile application, especially if it is cost a particular amount or includes in-app purchases. Half of them make the final decision on the transaction based on the information from these reviews. Working with reviews online is one of the non-obvious, but useful business ways to motivate customers to buy, and to make them trust the product.

It is important to work not only with negativity but also to ask customers to leave positive feedback. You can remind about this after the purchase, motivate with discounts and bonuses, like premium access for a week for free, for instance.

Businesses need to set up a system for tracking incoming reviews. First of all, negative opinions should be worked out. It is better to solve the problem immediately or translate the dialogue with the user into personal communication, but the comments to the review show that you understand the problem, but it takes time.

It is also important to respond to positive feedback, not just to say “thank you”, but to add a marketing component in response. For example, if customers like some feature of the application, advise them on something else that can also catch their attention.

Creating content for potential buyers

In any niche, there are sites where the target audience is concentrated: potential buyers can read certain media, study posts on social networks, and spend time on recommendation services. The entrepreneur’s task is to understand where the customers are concentrated and offer them, on behalf of the business, content that will satisfy their needs.

Adding a special section in the application with the possibility of posting comments and articles in the media does not have to be done on a paid basis – publications are usually ready to publish material from an entrepreneur for free. There are entertainment-oriented services that allow anyone to share their content. The main thing to remember is that people do not come to such apps or sites for shopping, so you need to make content without the intention to sell immediately.

One of the most effective ways to attract customers without a budget in many industries is to work with social networks and platforms. The main thing is to understand where more of your audience is located.

Search for large loyalty programs

Large companies usually have external loyalty programs. For example, the bank offers customers to use a specific card and receive cashback points for purchases, which can then be spent on goods and services of partners with a big discount.

You can also organize your loyalty program. For example, a local brand can negotiate with other entrepreneurs in the region and develop a common agenda, periodically arranging discounts and other promotions for subscribers. Customers may earn cashback by making in-app purchases and then spending it, adding some extra features.

Customer training

Usually, this approach is used to promote educational applications. For example, to sell the training, the authors arrange several trial webinars where they introduce potential buyers to the content. After the meeting, they collect feedback to improve the program of the future course.

Customer training can be carried out without a budget at all. For example, entrepreneurs can act as expert teachers themselves and conduct online lessons.

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