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Top Apps That Help You in Learning

A few years back, many people considered smartphones as a distraction to students. Not to forget, ‘every cloud has a silver lining,’ and mobile apps are the silver lining in this case. Smartphones are now virtual classrooms due to the invaluable information and skills through learning apps. Here are some top apps for learning prospects:

Lynda. Owned by Microsoft, the online platform provides a broader range of courses you will not find anywhere else. Founded by Lynda Weinman in 1995, the app is currently one of the world’s leading learning apps. With Lynda, you can obtain top software and web development skills, photography, business, and design. A reliable paper writing service also offers a free revision to help students pursue Lynda courses. You need a membership, which costs 25 dollars per month. Once you subscribe, you acquire unlimited access to all programs. It would also help if you did not worry about the instructors; qualified instructors and industry specialists teach and provide learning materials in Lynda. The app is downloadable in Android and iOS devices and through the web.



Headspace. Recently, meditation has been trending as an essential factor in well-being. Meditation helps one concentrate and focus while removing all stress. In case you want to meditate, Headspace is the best platform for you; it provides a full guide to meditation. The app offers workouts guided by clinical research from reliable mindfulness specialists. A soothing voice leads each exercise, telling you to inhale or exhale while paying attention to your environment. Since every person has his/her needs, the Headspace app recommends special meditation sessions. You can download Headspace from App Store or Google Play, and it offers a free two-week trial. Then you can subscribe for a monthly or yearly plan to access unlimited exercises.

Writing Services. College life has many challenges, balancing academics, social life, and probably part-time work is quite an ordeal. There are several reasons why college students think it is safe to buy essay online from reputable writing services. First, writing academic essays requires time and appropriate writing skills, which most students lack. Second, composing a quality article needs a good understanding of the assignment, and some students are not useful in wisdom literature. Therefore, many students choose to hire custom services to write their essays.


Mind Tools. Since 1996, over 20 million people worldwide use Mind Tools each year. The app helps people enhance their skills, thus transforming their working lives for better planning careers. Mind Tools provide skill-building resources that focus on personal-productivity, leadership, and management for a successful career path. Therefore, if you want to have an excellent career, Mind Tools is the best learning choice. You can access the app through iOS, Android, and the web. Subscription in the first month is 1 dollar, while subsequent plans will cost 19 dollars per month.

Elevate. Doing simple things can be the most crucial strategy in life. Elevate app aims to offer people with personalized brain training. Brain training involves many things that will ensure your memory remains sharp, boost your confidence, and enhance personal productivity. Elevate achieves results of brain training by organizing games and other activities through your smart device. Through Elevate, you can improve your norms, achieve slight increases in energy for effective working, and function efficiently. The training app is available for iOS and Android devices. Elevate brain training app provides a free trial and a full subscription plan of 45 dollars per year for unlimited access.

MasterClass. The learning app aims to train people on different skills through pre-recorded online classes by top individuals in various fields such as Serena Williams on tennis, Jane Goodall on conservation, etc. In case you want to learn or train on some skills, there are about 24 video tutorials for each class. You can also download other study materials for each category, like lesson handouts, quizzes, and other relevant resources from respective specialists. MasterClass app is available for free on App Store and Google Play, but you have to pay decently to enroll for classes. Monthly and annual subscription plans go for 90 and 180 dollars, respectively, to secure unlimited access.


Resume Services. Getting a job in big companies after school is every student’s dream. Other students may look for part-time employment while in school to earn money for paying fees. When writing a resume, students need to prioritize training and working history plus education. Reliable online resume service can build a solid resume for your part-time job at an affordable price. While writing your resume, you need to present your skills and abilities by highlighting volunteer work where possible. Also, do not forget to include leadership positions you held in college.

Skillshare. Talking of learning platforms, you will probably not miss Skillshare in the mix; it is one of the largest online education providers. Skillshare app offers over 22,000 courses, both free and premium. The online classes and workshops can turn you from an amateur into a specialist. Skillshare offers specialization in business, writing, photography and film production, lifestyle, and design. The online education platform aims to provide quality education to millions of students around the world. More interestingly, the learning platform offers a free one-month trial. However, Skillshare provides one-month free access to several classes. The monthly subscription costs 19 dollars, while the annual plan goes for 45 dollars.

edX. Every student would want to pursue a course in top-ranking learning institutions worldwide, such as Harvard, Oxford, among other universities. Yet, we all know that getting an opportunity to study at these universities is not easy. With the edX app on your smartphone, achieving your dream may become a reality. The app brings all top higher learning institutions to your fingerprints; therefore, whatever you want to learn, edX will help you out. You can learn any course you wish to from any university from your smartphone. edX lists over 2000 high-ranking universities’ techniques such as computer science, engineering, business studies, etc. The certificates and credits you obtain from pursuing these courses through edX are essential to building your professional career. Important features edX offers for pursuing a course include video tutorials, study handouts, and test quizzes.

Learning apps are very useful in the current world, where there is a high demand for education. With technological advancement and the internet, many people can now access online courses through mobile devices in their homes’ comfort. The online causes can significantly help you to become a specialist, and spur your professional career higher.

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