Monday, July 15, 2024
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Via Mobile and PC: Is the World Pivoting to Digital Conferences or Do Physical Ones Still Have Their Place?

Will digital conferences take over in-person conferences? This is the current debate and you can read here to find out what way it is going to go.

Conferences are held around the world on a variety of subjects. Their purpose is to allow people to learn and improve their knowledge on an industry or topic, as well as share ideas and discuss the latest insights. What’s more, they can be a good way to make new contacts and talk to other industry experts whom you have something in common with.

But, in recent years, conferences have been off the table. This was due to the pandemic with the halt of international travel and being around other people. This led to a rise in digital conferences that people could join in via mobile and PC. But, are they here to stay or are physical conferences going to make a comeback?

Digital Conferences and their Popularity

During a time when social distancing was in place and flights stopped around the world, professionals and businesses had to find a way to interact with each other. Thankfully, technology created a way for people to do this no matter what country they were in. Digital conferences existed before the pandemic. But, they really took off during this time since it was a way to bridge the gap and allow everyone to come together.

Indeed, digital conferences became popular. You could watch speeches and presentations and find out about innovations and the latest developments in industries. It was a great way to still learn in a world full of uncertainty. But, there was one thing missing and that was the social interaction you get from physical conferences. This was particularly true if there were a lot of people attending a conference. There was no way for everyone to interact and online chat functions simply were not the same.

In-Person Conferences Still Have a Place

Now that the world is trying to adapt, international travel has resumed and people are able to meet in big groups again. This means that in-person conferences are back and people are realising just how much they have been missing them. This is a place where professionals can get together and connect with others, which is something that is not the same via the internet. Yes, digital conferences may still operate for those that cannot attend. But, in-person conferences offer benefits that simply cannot be replaced.

If you are thinking about running a conference, you have to make sure that you have the right team for it to be successful. You are going to need a lot of people if there are many experts attending. So, it might be best to hire an event staffing agency for the task. This means that they will source the team you need with the relevant knowledge and experience. It will ensure that your conference runs smoothly and will be in demand in the future.

Networking is Key

Again, one of the main reasons people want to go to conferences is so that they can interact with others. We all know that networking is essential if you want to move into a new industry or make your current position easier. A conference is a perfect place to do this. Yes, you can correspond via online chat or even email with another expert. But, it can be difficult to build a rapport and bond with someone on your mobile or computer.

Therefore, digital conferences are here to stay. But, it is likely that they will be scaled back and replaced with in-person conferences again. There are just so many benefits from meeting with people face to face that cannot be replaced by the internet. So, if you are someone that wants to attend conferences, this is good news. Alternatively, if you are thinking about hosting a conference, this is also going to be something that you want to hear. Just make sure that you have a good team behind you. People have higher expectations after COVID-19 and you will have to work hard to create a safe and enjoyable space for everyone. This might mean hiring more staff so that the conference can run smoothly and without any hitches. Thus, a staffing agency might be exactly what you need to take some pressure off your shoulders.

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