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What Are Some Ways to Customize Your Smartphone?

Customizing your smartphone is not necessarily something that many people would consider. More often than not, the default version is enough, especially if one uses their smartphone for basic needs, such as texting, calling, and occasionally browsing the internet.

On the other hand, there are those who want to stand out from others or get bored too quickly if things stay the same. And if they use smartphones often, it is natural that they want to make some changes now and then.

The available customization options for a smartphone are quite limited, but there are still a few things you can do to modify its looks.

Change the Case

Let’s start with cases. First of all, it is worth noting that investing in a new smartphone case is worth it for more than just changing the device’s look. 

Some cases work as a protection layer. You might drop your smartphone on a hard floor or submerge it in water accidentally. While the material can be durable, you cannot guarantee that the smartphone will survive unscathed.

A decent protective case should not cost too much. You can check local phone accessory stores or online shops and order one for your smartphone model. Or, as an alternative, get in touch with potential manufacturers directly and ask them to create a custom phone case for you so that you can really change the way your smartphone looks.

To further protect your new Samsung Galaxy, consider investing in a tempered glass screen protector as an additional safeguard against scratches, cracks, and other potential damage to your device’s display.

Add Custom Stickers and Accessories

You must have seen some people who have stickers on their laptops. While the same approach is not that common for smartphones, you should still consider putting a sticker or two on a smartphone’s back.

The freedom to customize is not an issue as you can make your own stickers on demand rather than looking for available options online, though purchasing pre-made stickers would not be a bad idea. 

Other than stickers, you can also consider adding an accessory. Some people attach a knick-knack with a string on their smartphone. These knick-knacks are similar to key chains, and they add a bit of flair to the overall look of a smartphone. 

Try Different Wallpapers

At the end of the day, a smartphone is a device we use for entertainment or work rather than something we keep with us as an accessory.

While the outside look of your smartphone matters, if you want to introduce some changes to it, focusing on the user interface would probably be a better approach.

Start with a background. You can customize the smartphone’s screen with different wallpapers. There is a plethora of available backgrounds online. You can change the smartphone’s wallpaper as often as you like until you find one that fits your mood. And once you become bored, you can look for new available wallpapers.

Rearrange the Home Screen

Rearranging the home screen might not seem like that much of an opportunity to make significant changes to how your smartphone looks, but you should still consider doing it.

For one thing, some people take things too far by cluttering their smartphone’s home screen with redundant app shortcuts. Not only is it a hindrance to the device’s performance, but it also becomes difficult to navigate through the smartphone and find the apps you need.

Arrange the smartphone’s home screen to your liking. If you prefer a minimalistic approach, you can also remove apps from the home screen and keep them in the app tab.

Add Widgets

Widgets might seem like an unnecessary addition, but they can make a difference in more ways than just changing the look of the smartphone’s UI.

For example, the 1Weather widget is one of the best applications you can find for finding out the latest about the weather. There are also widgets to keep tabs on the smartphone’s battery, calendar widgets to track your appointments and other important dates, and widgets for taking notes, to name a few. 

Switch to the Dark Mode

The dark mode should be the default setting when you use a smartphone in low-light settings. Reducing the screen’s brightness is not the same as enabling the dark mode.

If you have an Android, you can enable the dark mode in Settings. Go to the Display tab, tap Theme, and enable the dark mode.

For the iOS smartphones, tap on the Display and Brightness tab in the Settings, and you will see the option to switch between the Dark and Light modes.


As you can see, there are quite a few ways to customize your smartphone’s external appearance and user interface. Be it personal preference or something to make your smartphone stand out from the rest, the suggestions in this article should come in quite handy. 

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