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Will Electric Cars Have Better Mobile Integration?

These days we live in a world that is constantly connected to the internet. Connectivity and mobility play essential roles in our life in the office, at home and sometimes even while we drive. Due to the need to be online, we rarely let go of our smartphones. While connectivity introduces a lot of possibilities, it also brings the problem of communication management. A few years ago, smartphones were connected to in-car systems through USB cords. 

These days however smartphones can connect to systems powered by android and car play wirelessly. Drivers can use the car’s infotainment display to navigate and listen to music without using the phone while driving. And while the vehicle and phone are connected via Carplay, you cannot use it to control the vehicle because the car and the phone are not integrated.

What is Mobile Integration

Mobile integration helps to increase your work flexibility and the efficiency of different business processes. Mobile integration links different devices and apps to achieve seamless data exchange and optimizes workflow. It also allows you to create a large service framework with a simple user interface that will help your team function efficiently from any location. The user interface can also be used to organize complex digital tools in just one interface. Mobile integration also reduces the need for manual data transfer, which lowers system delays and errors.

Mobile integrated cars are primarily electric vehicles that are designed to allow you to connect your phone to your car. Mobile integrated cars have built-in features that sync with your phone or tablet for more reliable performance. Mobile integrated cars come with wifi connectivity features, GPS and wireless driving controls and wireless app control connectivity. Non-electric vehicles can be mobile-integrated as well. While electric vehicles come with most smartphone integration apps, regular cars must buy external  hardware before connecting their car to their phone. 

Functions of mobile integration

1.  The car recognizes the driver by their smartphone

  • Your car can send a notification of your current location to your spouse or children when you are late for a meeting.
  • You can use your phone to replace the key to your car, which will allow the car to recognize you and adjust the wheel, seat configuration, gearbox setting, infotainment system and engine settings.
  • Your car could suggest a change of route for your usual routes to work or errands and recommend restaurants when you work late.
  • Your car can notify you of an accident on your current or expected route to prevent delays to important meetings.
  • Your car can also recommend you activate the cooling or heating system after checking the outside temperature.

2. The phone knows the car

  • When you’re at an unfamiliar location, your phone will locate free parking spots and remind you of your car’s location.
  • You can view your car’s surroundings through the car’s external cameras on your mobile phone.
  • Your phone will remind you if you forgot to lock your car door or close the window.
  • Your phone will recommend gas stations or charging stations on your journey if it calculates that you do not have enough charge or fuel.
  • Your phone can also remind you to top your oil, replace your brakes when they are weak and when to switch to winter tires.
  • Your phone can also notify you of any damage to your car as soon as it happens. It also notifies your insurance company of the damage.

With the development of in-vehicle infotainment systems, buyers’ decisions making variables have increased. Infotainment systems are now a popular demand by drivers that have to be met by automakers when releasing new cars. Mobile integration has come a long way from the days of navigation and media only via USB connections. Electric vehicles, however, have an advantage when it comes to mobile integration. An excellent example of an electric vehicle that shows that electric cars have better mobile integration is the Model 3 Tesla.

With the current environmental issues, electric cars have become more popular, and auto manufacturers have been developing new technology to add to them to make them more convenient and futuristic. This electric vehicle has a large display beside the steering wheel that controls the car’s infotainment. The process of connecting your mobile phone is also easy. It does not require any additional hardware to be installed, unlike what would be necessary with a regular car. And while the initial cost of an electric vehicle might be high, they have some of the best lease car deals.

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