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Will Mobile Gaming Continue Through The VR Phase?

The gaming industry has seen a lot of changes over the past tense. Most notably is the rise of mobile gaming.

The market that used to be dominated by large PCs and other smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are changing the way we access the gaming world. More advancements are being made in the technological world, and gaming benefits immensely from these.

Technology And The Gaming Industry

Many players are turning to mobile gaming because of the ease of accessibility, and casinos are joining in on the mobile gaming craze. They are creating online platforms better suited to the operating systems on smartphones.

Virtual Reality (VR) is another advancement in technology that is making waves across all business sectors. Online casinos are adopting it to give players a more thrilling and player inclusive gaming experience.

The competition amongst online casinos has also increased with the growing number of online players. To attract more players, casinos also offer a variety of bonuses. You should always be on the lookout for bonuses and take advantage of the latest free spins offers and running promos.

What Contributed To The Rise Of Online Gaming?

Many of the smartphones on the market today are more functional than a variety of laptops on offer. Smartphones are being made to be as good as laptops and surpass them in terms of functionality.

Some smartphones even have more processing power than many of the laptops on offer, and they also have more battery capacity and better cameras. There is very little that you cannot accomplish on your phone that you could do on your laptop.

Casino software and game developers have taken this into account and are making online platforms better suited to your smartphone. You can either download a game application on your phone or use your internet browser to access the casino or game site.

Improvements being made by internet providers have also contributed to the rise of online gaming. Faster 4G and 5G internet connections make it easier for you to connect to your favourite game.

Thanks to the faster internet connection, and with its wider reach, you can access any game from any site, even as you travel between cities. It is the ease of connectivity that is helping the drive towards mobile gaming.

The target audience in the mobile gaming market is diversifying and becoming more inclusive of larger demography. Trends in the industry show that women from the age of 34 make up a huge portion of the mobile gaming demography.

Previously the market was dominated by teens, but now with the development of online betting games, the audiences are getting older and changing the composition of the industry. The older demographic has more to spend on mobile gaming as they are in their prime working years, hence the rising interest. This also explains why game developers are making online casinos games that appeal more to them.

Mobile Gaming And Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is not a new concept or a very recent development, but it is something that developers are constantly working to improve and make more a part of our daily lives.

VR is being developed to offer the ultimate experience for both gamers and ordinary individuals. It is an augmented reality that you can experience with more of your senses. Gone are the days of sitting on your couch all day as you play your game. With VR, you are more active as you control your avatar in a digital world with your body.

It is like playing a Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinetic but with more control, and it adds a large visual component to it.

The first few VR goggles versions on the market were big and odd-looking, but new designs are more stylish and compact to take with you wherever you go. Although you want to play and use them in a controlled environment, otherwise, you will be bumping into people and objects.

Virtual Reality works well with smartphones. Many of the VR goggles were made to place your phone in front of them to project the game to you from the phone to the goggles.

Game developers are making mobile games to feature a virtual reality option. This you will find with online casinos who are trying to bring the casino experience direct to you and make it as authentic as possible.

Within the VR world setup, you can tour casino floors and walk around to find the game of your choice, be it poker, blackjack, or slot machine games. You can use your hands to roll the dice in the game by making the gesture in the real world.


The advent of mobile gaming has revolutionized the way we gamble. Online casinos are making great strides in making the experience more enjoyable for all, which will inspire new players.

VR is an element that improves the gaming experience, and more mobile games are being made to include VR. Mobile gaming separate from the VR element will continue and does not face any threat from it. One of the reasons is it is not easy to play on a virtual reality headset anyway for safety reasons.

Mobile gaming remains the easiest way to play online games on the go.

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