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5 Technologies That Have Changed Your Streaming Experience

In recent years, video media has accounted for more than 80% of all internet usage. This only shows how technology has improved on streaming and video quality and delivery. Many people prefer videos because they are more practical and vivid.

Entertainment industries have taken developments in video transmission and streaming to their advantage. Streaming apps are enabled for streaming live content like sports or TV Shows airing live but also have pre-recorded content like movies and podcasts for viewers to choose from. Their efficiency has been improved by the technologies listed below.


Recent technologies allow viewers to stream Netflix movies in super-resolution now. This is the concept where high-quality images get generated from previously low-quality images through the manipulation of artificial intelligence. AI models learn the qualities of a high-quality image and enhance a low-quality image into one of higher resolution. The strength of the bandwidth can be sensed and quality-adjusted accordingly.

This can also be done on videos and has actually proven to be helpful. Videos of low quality can be sent to reduce the size being transferred but then upgraded on the receiving end to be viewed on higher quality. The concept is reversible and has therefore been used adaptively for streams and virtual meetings or video calls online.

5G Network Incorporation

The new and fast network introduced and getting incorporated by many will soon see buffering as a thing of the past. This is irrespective of whether the video is being presented as a stream and in all virtual interactions. 

This has transformed video delivery everywhere, and the introduction and incorporation by companies will surely be a door to new opportunities and developments.

The 5G network has been developed and embraced to fix issues such as; availing higher bitrate, reducing latencies, and increasing scalability to new heights. It is, therefore, more than delivering videos quickly or viewing them in higher quality. The streaming experience will be taken to a whole new level.

4K and above-supported devices

It would be pointless to have advancements in the quality and network in streaming and not upgrade the streaming devices. Manufacturers have not been left behind and have complemented the advancements with some of their own. Many devices are streaming-enabled and showcase the videos in desired qualities. 

Consumers have taken the developments rather friendlier than expected.

Having in mind that these technologies were unavailable a few years ago, many streaming devices these days can stream videos of up to 8K in quality. Improvements in quality content availability are well met with devices that complement the advancements. They support the delivery of 8K quality content to users and have a major role in the success.

These new devices are available at friendlier prices to consumers too and have therefore received the support of the market fully. These developments encourage producers to release more content for the eager receivers.

Context Adaptive Delivery

CAD is devoted to monitoring and dictating the final quality of content the end-user receives. It ensures the receiver gets content according to his bitrate expenditure and the ideal resolution for it. The nature of the video is balanced with its consumption to match the end network.

With CADs, vital communication services can be accessed at a priority to entertainment content. This means that lower bitrates are used to access selected content and are not the same for other content and services. The content can be gauged through its importance, popularity, and its history of consumption to prioritize the content selected.

This particular development ensures that, for seasonal content that is viewed live from across the globe, no traffic surge occurs as the nature of the video is availed proportionally to its consumption and a limit to its quality set to avoid outages. High-quality devices then aid in restoring the original quality of the stream.

Multi-viewing of Content

Although the invention was from a bit earlier, its use blew up when COVID 19 struck. With the social distancing rules canceling theatre sessions and stadium attendance, the synchronized viewing of content-enabled people from different locations to watch movies together. A chat feature is also enabled in the interface used.

Watching movies, shows, or sports with family or peers is enabled with this new technological advancement. Many streaming services are incorporating the feature in their apps as its demand has spread among people even with reduced regulations against meetings. It has also been incorporated in virtual meeting platforms where video content can be screen shared for view by all meeting attendees.


Technology has changed the streaming experience into a more quality-oriented and social endeavor than it was known. The entertainment industries have adapted well, and thus, the technologies have been embraced successfully. It would be a wise thing to be up to date with the technologies listed above. With them, you get to enjoy the best quality at your comfort.

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