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A Happy Mac is a Cache Cleared Mac

Cache is both a blessing and a curse. It helps keep your Mac running smooth and silky yet overtime it can slow it down to the pace of a Windows machine. Like having a superpower it makes your Mac life fantastic but also makes it harder. So with this in mind let’s look at cache and how we can use it to keep your Mac running faster than a speeding bullet.

You can see the details of what cache is and how to clear it below.

What is Cache?

Cache are small files that are generated when you:

  • Open an app.(User or app cache).
  • Use a browser.(Browser cache.
  • When you use your Mac. (System cache).

Cache files remember your preferences and allow apps and web pages to run faster. As such they are good things. Problems occur though as apps, web pages, and operating systems update. At this point, cache becomes redundant and can slow down your machine.

If you notice your Mac is not running as fast as it used to, the cache is a good place to start to try and restore it to glory once more.

Clearing Your Cache

Now we’ve covered what it is how do you go about deleting cache files? Follow these steps to clean cache manually.

User or app cache

  • Go FinderGo, Go to Folder.
  • Type ~/Library/Caches. Hit Enter.
  • You’ll see a list of folders, back these up.
  • Go into each folder and delete the cache files one by one.

Any problems after you do this restore the backup.

System cache

Deleting system cache is similar to app cache. The only difference is that you leave out the ‘~’.

  • Go Finder, Go, Go to Folder
  • Type /Library/Caches. Hit Enter
  • You’ll see a list of folders, back these up.
  • Go into each folder and delete the cache files one by one.

Any problems after you do this restore the backup.

Browser Cache

Browser cache is specific to each browser meaning it is slightly different to clear the cache depending on what brand of browser you use. Here are the most common types.


  • Go Safari, Preferences.
  • In Advanced, select Show Develop menu.
  • Go to Develop in the menu bar.
  • Click Empty Caches.


  • Click the setting icon, top right.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose History, Clear browsing data.
  • Ensure Cached images and files is checked.
  • In the dropdown make sure Beginning of Time is showing.
  • Click the Clear browsing data button to purge.


  • History, Clear Recent History.
  • In the Time range dropbox select Everything.
  • Click the Details arrow and make sure only Cache is checked.
  • Click the Clear Now

Clearing cache is straightforward providing you don’t delete something vital out of app or system cache. If you do, your Mac could malfunction or stop working completely. With a little care, good backups and a little luck you shouldn’t have any issues and all you will have is a superfast Mac.

Macs are great machines providing you keep them running fast and true. Clear the cache on a regular basis and your Mac experience won’t be affected.

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