Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Ace: New Age Mobile Money Transfer

Digital tools have overtaken every person’s lifestyle, as the things are available at every person’s discretion with just under a click of a button Technology giants are looking to gear up their services. The most important thing technology has helped to simplify is transferring money abroad. Indian’s especially are spread across the world, with a limited number of resources available to transfer money there has always been a desperate need to find a suitable platform that transfers money, Swift and Safe. Looking to send money to Bangladesh, Ace money transfer is a one-stop application.

Ace Money Transfer is the solution to all your Money Transfer needs, even when you are mobile also accessible with your mobile. While most of the applications available in the market are about making transfers to Distant countries, Ace also assists fund transfers to neighboring countries too. With access to Ace, a person for an instance in India can send money to Bangladesh and earn exciting rewards for their fund transfers.

Simplified Registration process, Exciting Rewards, and just a click away Ace money transfer seem to be the perfect platform to send money abroad. With their latest addition of Money Transfers to Bangladesh Ace is offering their customers the option of Direct Bank Transfers, Cash Pickups, and all additional services with their nominal transaction fees.

Not only that, Ace has been determined to provide the best exchange rates to their consumers, especially while transferring money to Bangladesh spread across various currencies, providing a safe passage to their transactions. Ace offers money transfers through its website with integration from a trusted payment gateway, but for the customers who are always in a rush, their mobile application offers the same specifications to the customers.

While transferring money to Bangladesh, consumers can just put in their Debit or Credit card details and the money is transferred within a fraction of a second. Talking about the end customer who is supposed to be receiving money in Bangladesh, Ace has it covered too. The customer is enabled with an option to either make a cash pickup from their nearest Ace center or get a Bank Transfer in their bank account directly. Any customer who is looking to obtain cash pickup from the center is required to provide the reference number alongside their identity card to collect the cash.

With the emergence of the Digital Era and cyber frauds, Ace Money Transfers is looking to stem the trust with people by their nominal, fast, and safe transactions. Ace money transfer application is available on Google Play Store and the App Store by Apple for free offering budget-friendly services to their customers with a touch of reliability.

Ace money transfer not only holds the key for easy money transfers but with the introduction of their weekly rewards is able to turn a lot of eyeballs towards it. Tie-ups with topmost payout partners in the country of Bangladesh, and others too Ace becomes a standout amongst the competing applications.

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