Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Alipay+ Reaps the Benefits of EURO 2024 Sponsorship Deal

When any major sporting event takes place, there are the logistical challenges for international travellers in the host country.

For example, 24 different nations participated in football’s European Championship this summer – fans from each will have their own localised apps and devices that might be very different from the supporters around them.

So uniformity – particularly when making payments both in-person and online – is key, which perhaps explains why Alipay+ were so savvy in establishing themselves as a primary sponsor of EURO 2024.

Their results have been illuminating…

Going Global

Of course, many football fans that travelled to Germany for the EUROs are people aged between 18-50 – that tech-savvy age bracket that is comfortable using mobile apps and services.

Many may have streamed lives games and interviews on their smartphones and tablets, kept up to date with the latest developments via social media and perhaps even bet on EURO 2024 using a dedicated app.

AliPay+ is a cross-border mobile payments provider, which of course can be very helpful for football fans travelling overseas. Not only that, they agreed a deal with UEFA to be the headline sponsor of the Top Scorer prize.

So, anybody scanning the EUROs Golden Boot winner odds would have become acquainted with the AliPay+ branding – which, prior to the tournament, they might not have heard of. But as they tracked the progress of the likes of Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe and Cody Gakpo in the top goalscorer stakes, the name might just have taken on an air of ubiquity.

The stats certainly suggest as much. The company has revealed that the number of transactions completed via the Alipay+ app in Germany increased 68% in one week alone – between June 13-19, which also just happened to be the first week of EURO 2024.

So, supporters were sending money via their mobile devices – or completing transactions with German retailers – in their droves which, while not a surprise given the age-bracket of the majority of supporters, shows that Alipay+’s commitment to marketing and branding has well and truly paid off.

The Numbers Game

As well as that two-thirds growth in traffic, Alipay+ noted that the overall value of each transaction, on average, had increased by 56%.

That suggests that football fans use their mobile payment apps for larger transactions – perhaps paying for tickets, merchandise, food and drinks in and around the games involving their favourite teams.

The numbers are particularly interesting when you consider that the EUROs are quite an isolated tournament from a geographical standpoint – the potential at the World Cup for cross-border mobile payments, for example, is remarkable.

In 2026, the World Cup will be hosted by three countries: the United States, Canada and Mexico. Mobile payment apps will be vital – imagine a fan having to carry US dollars, Canadian dollars and Mexican pesos around with them. Having one consolidated app will be far more efficient for them and for vendors, too.

Football fans from across Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and South America will descend upon the World Cup in two years’ time – allowing them to complete transactions and send money across borders seamlessly will be essential to their enjoyment of the showpiece tournament.

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