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An easy guide on how to start your dream blog and make it your main source of money

Blogging for money is a reality. At present days, many people are striving to become popular bloggers and to make money on it. If you are one of them, we are here to assist you and to create a popular and attractive blog. 

You will need only some basic knowledge of blogging, SEO, and an idea of how the Internet works to start a blogging business. You can find a lot of useful options for your consideration here, and you will understand all the blogging difficulties. We will demonstrate to you the most common mistakes of bloggers as well as challenges they may face. Blogging is not an easy job because it is a time-consuming process that requires many efforts and hard work, but on the other hand, it is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. For example, you can use website builders to create your first blog. 

It’s important for UK users to source a web hosting company that offers UK support, as well as other factors like data centers close to the location where the majority of your visitors are based. However, this can also be achieved by using a CDN which gives you access to servers located around the world, giving you location direct loading times.

The reward from building a successful blogging business is not only money but also fame, the feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

The Guide to Start a Blog

  1. Pick the name and niche of the blog

So, the first step is to pick an attractive and corresponding name for a new blog. The blog’s name has to represent the main idea of your blog, dealing with the general topics because a reader will see first the name of your blog. 

It could be the real name of your business, your name, or an efficient and clever combination of words. After you create some variants of the name, define if the domain name is available. Anyways, you can always change the name of the blog in the future. 

  1. Get your blog online and mobile-friendly

To make your blog available, you need to select the blogging platform and a web hosting plan. But do not forget about those who use phones to surf the Internet. To gain more visitors, make sure your blog is mobile-friendly and corresponds with all the modern terms. For example, using mobile messaging is an important part of promoting a blog. Push notifications can be used for the blog news and freshly published posts. Notification setup works as usual, with full flexibility of notification frequency. Moreover, the bog owner can also use a mobile blog app to run the blog smoothly from their own device.

Smartphone users also find it comfortable when over-the-top (OTT) media services are used for customer support, such as Viber, WeChat, FaceTime, Skype, Telegram, etc. Instant messengers are already a part of their life so contacting customer service via a preferred medium will be a plus to usability and comfort. At that, both OTT messaging and voice calling are recommended to use. Ensure equal coverage for Android- and iOS-based devices, and full functionality in all associated browsers (e.g. the mobile Safari version). Proper device compatibility will allow smartphone and tablet users to use their favourite functions such as screen sharing, too. So, just keep up with the times, watch recent news about mobile technologies, and maintain your blog properly updated.

Web hosting will help you to make your website available to other people on the Internet, keeping your files safe and secure. The hosting comes at about $5 per month. The best web hosting service is a combination of a blogging platform and web hosting. For example, the WordPress platform has more than 60 million bloggers. Choosing a proper hosting company to power the blog is one of the most important investments you can make when getting started.

  1. Create great content

Interesting and attractive content is the basis for the blogging and money-making process. A blog with no content or obsolete content is nothing, so great content will bring you traffic, credibility, and as a result, money. 

Great content is not always text; it can be images, videos, infographics. However, if you need to be on the top of Google, you have to place the text primarily. The characteristics of quality content are the following:

  • unique;
  • meaningful;
  • insightful;
  • unbiased; 
  • easy to read;
  • free of spelling and grammar errors.

You need to publish useful and interesting content with different topics and ideas to attract potential readers and have a money-making blog.

Remember that popular topics have a bigger audience, but at the same moment, they are also very competitive. For example, it would be difficult to compete with teams of writers and SEOs if you are a new blogger. Therefore, we recommend you narrow down your topic and go after a specific niche where you will have more chances to compete.

  1. Build organic traffic to a blog

Organic traffic demonstrates visits to a website from the search engine’s organic results and not paid advertisement. When a user clicks on the organic results and visits a website, this is defined in analytics tools as organic search traffic. 

There are several ways to get organic traffic from search engines. The first is to rank a website high in the search results with the help of SEO tools, and the second is to use Google Ads to place your ads on top of the organic results with the corresponding advertisement. 

Organic traffic is targeted, which means that when a user types a query in a search engine, they usually have a specific intent. If your advertisement works correctly, you will gain a new customer. 

You will get targeted organic traffic after your user:

  • subscribes to your newsletter;
  • buys your services or products;
  • reads your posts.

Also, we recommend building a community around your blog. It will help to increase the traffic because before making any sales, you need to gain the user’s trust. 

  1. Build a strong community

To popularize your blog, you need to create a community of people who will follow the blog, people who can interact with the presented information, and attract people who are ready to buy products or services. The most efficient methods to doing it are:

  • Email marketing;

When people subscribe to the email list, you will get a list of emails that can be used to inform the community about news and new articles on your blog. Also, you can ask for feedback and sell services and products.

  • Social media networking;

Some people prefer social media to read news and communicate, so you need to prepare some channels for such a group of people.

  • Web push notification;

With the help of push notifications, people will receive a notification about new messages automatically

  • Replying to comments;

You need to reply to all the comments and help your readers with their issues.

  1. Promote your blog

If you want to make money with the blog, you need to promote it and the best strategy is to do whatever it takes to build links. 

Only if you have enough organic traffic and a community with loyal followers, you’ll be able to make money from your blog. 


Let’s recap the information. To create a useful and profitable blog, you need to:

  • create an eye-catching name for your blog;
  • prepare great content;
  • update information regularly;
  • build organic traffic;
  • build a strong community to support your blog.

So, starting your blog will help you to attract new customers, to popularize your product or service, and as a result, to make your blog a main source of money.

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