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Are Canadian Crypto Gambling Sites Trustworthy?

Canadian crypto gambling sites have been surrounded by a lot of skepticism over the years, with many having little faith in their platforms. Therefore, when gamblers decide to join a new crypto gambling site, most do a thorough review and ask about the opinions of others first.

There is not much trust in betting sites because many scam sites are trying to steal people’s banking information. Most Canadians also go into gambling with many emotions attached, and some do not care about winning but decide to gamble to show their love for the sport or their favourite teams.

Even with the popularity of bitcoin gambling sites like those on CryptoGambling in Canada, the question of if bitcoin-gambling sites are trustworthy still lingers in the mind of many punters. However, when in doubt, go and seek help. This article will answer the question of the trustworthiness of crypto gambling sites in Canada.

Are Canadian Crypto Gambling Sites Trustworthy?

The question of if crypto gambling sites are trustworthy or not depends on whether some specific factors are met. Moreover, no one can decide if a casino is trustworthy except if the site meets its requirements. It can be considered responsible if it possesses all the qualities that reliable sites should have.

How to know a Trustworthy Crypto Gambling Site

As stated earlier, gamblers must consider various things before a site can be labelled trustworthy. With a lot of scam sites floating around in the Canadian gambling industry, specific guidelines have to be followed to avoid joining such scam sites, some of which are:

1. Checking their License

This act is probably the most important thing to know about a gambling site. A licensed crypto gambling site protects its customers from risks since they are regulated.

Although a site might be licensed, the quality of the license is essential. There are a lot of gaming licenses in the Industry, with each ranking higher than the other. The top 3 rights Canadian Crypto gamblers should look for are:

● Gambling Commission License

This body is the highest-ranked gaming license in the gambling world. The United Kingdom gambling act regulates their actions.

● Curaçao Gambling Authority

CGA is the most popular license, as most crypto gambling sites have it. Although its value is not as strong as that of the United Kingdom gambling license, it does give impressive tax benefits and security.

● Malta Gaming License

This license may not be as popular as the other two, but the level of security offered and their affordable cost has earned it our number three spot.

Notably, to know if a site is licensed or not, go to the site’s homepage and look at the bottom for any of the gambling commission logos mentioned above.

2. Read the Reviews

It is advisable to read the reviews of any crypto gambling site before registering. This gives you an idea of how the site works and in most cases how entertaining it would be for you.

Crypto gambling experts have found that the way to navigate the various crypto gambling sites is through the reviews because they give essential details about the site, and some are rated on a 5-star scale system.

When reading reviews, it is wise to read more than one and always take note of the issues mentioned. If you are satisfied after going through them, and it leaves a good impression on you, then it is probably a trustworthy site.

3. Go through their Terms and Conditions

Not reading through the terms and conditions of a gambling site before registering is a widespread mistake among many Canadian punters.

By reading the terms and conditions, you will understand the risk involved in gambling with that particular crypto site and if you are comfortable with them. Moreover, it also helps you to spot any hidden information or red flags that may be detrimental to your gambling on that site.

Features of a Trustworthy Crypto Gambling Site

Having followed our guidelines and selected a trustworthy bookmaker of your choice, we will now discuss some of the features of these crypto gambling sites.

● Support Various Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has been the number one cryptocurrency in Canada ever since its launch. Despite the formation of many new coins, none have been able to match bitcoin’s success. However, bitcoin is the most widely accepted digital currency on any crypto gambling platform.

Furthermore, other coins are also accepted, with most sites working with the top 4 digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

● Appealing User Interface

The graphics and layout of crypto gambling sites are enough proof to show if the particular bookmaker is legit or not. The layout of such sites is well organised, with their games and markets well arranged. Punters can easily spot fake sites because of their poor design and shabby graphics.

● All-round Customer Support

One of crypto gambling sites’ main features is their customer service quality. They offer the feature of a 24/7 live chat in which you can easily communicate with any of their available support staff.

● Low Transaction Fees

Deposits and withdrawals via cryptocurrencies have little or no transaction fees, depending on the site. Bitcoin transactions are primarily free with no hidden charges attached, compared to regular betting sites that take specific amounts for certain transactions. In addition, transactions done via cryptocurrency are speedy, with most bitcoin transactions processed in a couple of minutes.

● A Large Variety of Games are Available.

Crypto gambling enthusiasts are constantly seeking new games and markets. As a result, the top Canadian crypto gambling sites have a large selection of games and sports betting markets, attracting many players.

● Regular Bonuses and Promotions Offered

Sites that offer bonuses and promotions regularly always tend to attract new customers. Regular bonuses and promotions are one of the features of the top gambling sites in Canada.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the trustworthiness of Canadian Crypto Gambling Sites and given you guidelines on knowing the legitimate sites. Therefore, it is now up to you to differentiate between trustworthy and scam sites.

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