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Black Friday: what brands will increase sales and what traffic sources will bring maximum profit

Many companies have already started preparing for Black Friday, which will take place on the 26th of November this year. Admitad Affiliate network has analysed what industries will have higher incomes, what traffic sources will bring more orders and what affiliate partners will be able to get more profit. This year, online sales are expected to jump by 60% during the sale period. Read further to know a few simple tips that will help you boost your earnings and number of sales effectively.

The Sale has changed a lot over the last few years. First, part of the excitement was taken away by Singles’ Day Sale, which happened on the 11th of November. Second, nowadays, it’s not just a day of discounts like it was before, it turned into an extensive sale period at the end of November, which smoothly flows into Christmas and New Year Day’s discounts. However, the period from 15th of November up till 1st of December, which is a time of the best deals and highest discounts, is still strongly distinguished by the activity of shopping-lovers and profitability for affiliate partners:

growth-ratesThe British are ahead of global trends – last year, online sales in the country during the discount period jumped by 68% in comparison to the regular times, and the value of orders – by a record-breaking 140.2%. The number of visitors to the websites of famous brands has tripled. According to the statistics of Admitad Affiliate, the profits of affiliate partners who were actively bringing customers to advertisers have increased by 118%.

It is no surprise that marketplaces, including those selling goods from China, took over the lion’s share of orders, but if we talk about specific categories of goods, then there were absolute leaders as well. And of course, the Electronics category took first place by a large margin – it is obvious that people are waiting for Black Friday to make purchases in this category:



Who will make money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Besides brands and marketplaces that are preparing for increased customers’ activity, those who work with the online audience and traffic buyers will also have a chance to make a substantial amount of money. For them, sales are a good chance to earn more on affiliate programs.

A publisher (or an affiliate partner) in CPA marketing – is a person or a project that has its own audience and promotes goods or services of advertisers. There are different types of Publishers according to their traffic source: traffic buyers, cashback services, loyalty programs, online media, bloggers, influencers and many more.

Publishers join affiliate programs and share affiliate product links with their users. For example, you can post on YouTube a video review about the new smartphone and share the affiliate link in the description. When a user buys the smartphone via the affiliate link, a publisher earns a commission – on average it varies from 2,3% up to 10,3% of the order value.

Admitad Affiliate experts have analysed the results of Black Friday last year and found out that these types of Publishers generated the most sales, and as a result, had the highest incomes:


How to earn more?

Here are a few simple tips that will be useful for both marketing professionals working with brands and for affiliate experts:

1.    Try different traffic sources and categories

During the hot period of sales, your usual sources of orders might be overloaded. Take a deeper look at the statistics on traffic channels we have shared above. There might be some effective sources you are not using yet or channels that are prohibited in your affiliate program. Black Friday is a great time to take advantage of all available opportunities.

The same point applies to Publishers – pay attention to popular product categories. Even if your audience is not directly related to these topics, during the global discount period, users’ engagement will help you earn more. Just search for the Best Black Friday deals and share the affiliate links to selected products with your followers.

2.    Offer more

Companies should think about how to motivate Publishers. Provide them with special promo codes, increase your rates, run contests, offer some creatives or specialized landing pages with the promoted items. For example, during the sale period, ready-made baskets of goods that can be purchased in one click are widely bought.

For Publishers, it is a great chance to think through creative sales mechanics and offer them to the key Advertisers.

3.    Plan ahead

During this tumultuous period, it is crucial for businesses to have their budgets calculated and to get their websites prepared for the increased load. You should also keep in mind that over 21.7% of UK online purchases this year were made via mobile devices – make sure your websites are ready for mobile users. And for Publishers, it is important to think in advance what Advertisers they want to work with and join their Affiliate programs.

These three simple tips will definitely help you outperform last year’s results. Admitad Affiliate estimates that the sale period this year will be even more successful than in 2020, as the total volume of online purchases in the UK has already grown by more than 42% year-on-year. More and more users buy online, and the discount period will only boost their activity.

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