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Can You Earn Bitcoins from Mobile Phones In 2021?

Which assets have performed the best in the last decade? This question always takes traders by surprise. Some say equity stocks, some say gold, some say real estate, and the list keeps going. However, they forget cryptocurrencies. And to your surprise, crypto assets have performed the best in the last decade.

After being introduced in the market, the price of the first-ever cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was $0. By March 2010, the price rose to $0.003. And as we speak, the current value of the bitcoin is $10,400. That means the price of bitcoin has increased by three million times!

The increase in cryptocurrency usage has given rise to a new gold in digital currency. Bitcoins are also called ‘Digital Gold’.

And if there is anything that has created more impact than cryptocurrencies, it is definitely the growth of smartphones. Over time, the cost of having a personal computer (smartphones can do as much as them) in your pocket has dramatically reduced.

After seeing these two technologies disrupting the world in a positive way, it was about time that these two technologies merged together to give the world something new. Today, you will find several mobile-based crypto applications that help you earn cryptocurrencies.

Crypto based mobile applications

Suppose you are looking for ways to earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies from your smartphones. In that case, you will be thrilled to hear that applications let you earn cryptocurrencies with just simple activities.

Here is a list of crypto-based applications that will help you earn cryptocurrencies.

  1. My Fitness Pal-

 As smartphones and smart wearable technologies have picked up the pace, fitness apps have built a market around it. Today, you will find several fitness apps in the application store that help users track their health. One of such applications is MyFitnessPal. This application is one of the most recommended applications in the fitness industry.

After seeing how fitness applications are growing in popularity, blockchain-based applications, or dApps are starting to disrupt the industry. To attract their customers’ attention, they are offering intriguing incentives. These apps are offering new users with crypto tokens. You can use this opportunity to get your hands-on free cryptocurrencies.

  1. Steepshot-

The cryptocurrency has also influenced the photography industry. Who can forget the Kodak company? After all, most people own a camera that was powered by the Kodak reels. This company has launched its cryptocurrencies called Kodak Coin.

Taking inspiration from this giant, several photo-sharing platforms are now using blockchain technology. Steepshot is one of the photo-sharing applications that rewards its users with cryptocurrencies for sharing content.

  1. Crypto Tab-

 Web browsers can be considered one of the most important applications in your smartphones. Without a web browser, you won’t be able to connect with the internet. Currently, Chrome is the most used web browser for android and safari for iOS. Will you change your web browser to a web browser that pays you in cryptocurrency to browse? Well, I am not talking hypothetically; Cryptotab web browsers reward their users with cryptocurrencies.

Well, we know that browsers earn from ads that they show to their users at regular intervals. However, Cryptotab works differently. They perform crypto-jacking on your smartphone. That means they will use some of your smartphone sources to mine cryptocurrencies and reward you in bitcoin.

  1. Coinbase-

 Investment apps are, by far, the most used app to earn cryptocurrencies. There Are several apples that you can get in the market for the cryptocurrencies. Coinbase stands at the top of the food chain. It boasts of having more than 10 million users. However, to use the Coinbase platform, you need to be proficient in the crypto trade market. If you want to learn crypto trade marketing go through Bitcoin Gemini.


 There you have it, in today’s world not only can you turn your smartphone into your bank, but you can even use it to earn some quick cryptocurrencies. In a world where technology allows us to make money outside traditional ways, exploring them will give you a head start over others who will start exploring the opportunity much later on.

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