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Different types of bitcoin wallets

Bitcoin has become a buzzword in the cryptocurrency world. Today, many people are buying and using bitcoins. It is the best way to carry out the transactions without the involvement of any third parties. People can perform operations to cross borders without having to pay a hefty transaction fee or exchange the currency. It is friendly for travellers. The bitcoins must be stored safely at one place, and that place is known as a wallet. The wallet is similar to the bank account where you keep the money. It allows you to send and receive bitcoins through the portfolio. This wallet would be an interface for you to interact with the bitcoin network similar to the bank account that you use to interact with the monetary system. The portfolio would have private keys. This is the secret code that is used to send the coins to the recipient. In the real scenario, you must protect the private keys, not the coins. The individual keys are the ones that would give the hackers to access your account for online financial services. You can visit for more information

There are different types of bitcoin wallets available in the virtual world. Each of them has its pros and cons when it comes to convenience and security of users.

The types of bitcoin wallets include:

Hardware wallet

The hardware wallet would look like the flash drive that allows you to secure the crypto coins safely. It would help if you connected this wallet the laptop, tablet or system to gain access to the coins or to carry out bitcoin transactions. There are different types of hardware wallets available. is the ideal choice for the people who are concerned about security and want a reliable place to store bitcoins. The hardware wallet will let you keep the private keys safe and away from the internet threats. The critical wallet information would be kept offline. When you are plugging in this device, ensure that the system is virus-free.

Due to bitcoins being digital, many cybercriminals would attack the software wallet and try to steal the private key. When you keep the private key offline, it gives no chance for hackers to take it. Though, if this flash drive falls into the hands of hackers, they need a PIN to access the keys. You no more have to worry about the loss or misplacement of this wallet.

Mobile wallet

You can install the bitcoin wallet application onto your mobile and start accessing the bitcoins right from the device. It will be handy always. You can keep on checking the number of bitcoins in the wallet with ease. The portfolios are compatible to use with Android, Windows and IOS operating systems. However, it would help if you chose the wallet that is safe and secure for you to manage. The wallet works similar to that of the payment apps, which let you pay for goods and services. It is convenient for you to spend by scanning the QR code.

Desktop wallet

The desktop wallet can be a hot wallet or a cold wallet. It depends on whether or not the desktop wallet is connected to the internet or not. If the portfolio is not connected to the internet, then it is called a cold wallet. You can download the software of the purse to your desktop. You can access the wallet from the desktop with the wallet program that is on the system rather than using the browser. You can transfer offline, so these are less prone to security threats. The best thing is that the private key is not stored on the third-party server. You can have control over the private key. It is a must for you to keep the key safe. In case, the key falls into the hands of foes; they may misuse and steal the coins. It is highly safer compared to the online and mobile wallet. However, it is not so convenient for you to take it on the move.

Paper wallets

The paper wallets are the cold wallets that are highly secure. You have to take a print of the private keys and the public keys to start transferring the funds. Initially, you must move the amount to the public address. There is also another way to transfer funds, i.e. by scanning the QR code. When you are generating these keys, it is best to disconnect the system from the internet and delete the history of keys.



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