Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Gen Y; The Real Champions Of Crypto Trading

Gone are the days when the financial advice of the elders was considered to be the most potent one. Now, the times have changed, and the new generation seems to be the most expert in online trading, mining, and investing. This internet generation surpasses gen X in terms of being wise towards their investment decisions. They are the ones who understand the working of cryptocurrency and are able to make a lot of profit by trading in it. Hence, the older generation is forced to seek their advice regarding crypto trading. And sometimes they wonder who owns most Bitcoin?

Crypto Trading; The New Found Hobby Of Millennials

Also known as the generation Alphas, it is a group of people born exactly when Apple came up with its iPad. This was when a lot of social media platforms came into the scene. This makes them a pro at using them as they literally grew up in their presence. Being surrounded by technology at all times, their perspective on digital applications and gadgets is quite different from the outlook of the older generation.

This is why the crypto firms have also decided to divert their attention towards them, making sure that they hit them with just the right kind of information. The digital assets, blockchain, and cryptocurrency can’t be used by anyone else better than how this generation can use it.

Millennials Vs Boomers; The Difference In Beliefs

One reason millennials surpass their elders in terms of being wiser in terms of digital investment is their continuous online presence. As they are always on the internet, they have a better idea regarding the digital investment portfolio than the previous generation. It also makes it easier for them to adopt the ways of digital investment compared to traditional investment.

These teenagers have a wonderful idea about the bullish trends on cryptocurrency, while the common stock market trends bore them to a snooze fest! This is why they prefer spending on bitcoin, meme coins, NFTs, DeFi, and Ethereum over other conventional stocks.

The Millennial Millionaires

According to a survey by CNBC, the new-age millennial millionaires spend most of their wealth on digital investment. Around 25% of the earned wealth goes into reinvesting in cryptocurrency. They have their preferences for choosing the form of crypto in which they would invest.

Mostly, they opt for a diversified portfolio, ensuring to buy a bit of every currency to be on the safer side. The interest of the millennials in this whole system has enhanced so much that around one-third of them are now indulged in crypto trading and mining. Owning NFTs is their favorite kind of asset.

Trusting The Intangibility Of Assets

The generational gap between gen X and gen z is the major reason behind the difference in investment choice for both. The older, also known as boomers, don’t really believe in intangible assets. They don’t trust investing in something that they can’t hold or see.

This makes them drift towards tangible assets, and they keep investing in them. The younger generation, on the other hand, is aware of the power of the internet. It is clear that digital currency is a real thing, and they can trust it with their eyes closed.

Research Capabilities And The Ease Of Investment

With the internet, everything is easily available and within reach of young investors. They trust their research and don’t rely on ‘expert opinions. They know exactly which digital currency to invest in at which time, thanks to their research capabilities and the available information regarding the market trends. They can study the mood of the investor and buy assets that would give them the maximum return.


The generation of the internet is way ahead of the previous generation. It has the ability to change with time and adopt new ways of life. Half of the new age investors have turned millionaires, simply because they understand that the new world is all about the digital realm.

As everything is shifting to the screens, the time to invest in physical assets has long gone. The level of security that the blockchain model offers is also something that attracts this new age of investors. At the same time, the ever-changing market channels their sense of adventure, making them want to become a part of it at a greater level.

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