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Global SaaS Solutions: Renew or Die

Proper management of SaaS system contracts is becoming an issue recently because virtually all businesses are moving to a cloud-based system. It is challenging to monitor the whole cloud ecosystem and each product’s renewal conditions, though, due to rising digital knowledge and staff acquiring SaaS programs on a whim.

For this reason, every cloud-based business should work to increase SaaS transparency and implement a uniform renewal procedure. SaaS applications are based on subscriptions and will be canceled if they are not renewed promptly.

This article considers the importance of SaaS renewal, renewal strategies, and how to deploy proactive SaaS renewal strategies.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model or technique used by tech companies such as Markor Technology to deliver applications to users all over the internet.This software is centrally hosted and based on subscriptions. SaaS allows users to access their data on the internet as long as they are connected. It helps save people from installing, managing, and maintaining complex software.

What exactly is SAAS Renewal?

SaaS renewal is a phrase used to refer to Software-as-a-Service organizations that use a subscription-based pricing method. A SaaS renewal refers to the automatic or manual extension of a subscription by a SaaS client. The words “subscription renewal,” “SaaS subscription,” or “tech subscription,” which you may have heard before, all often refer to the same thing.

Why Renew SAAS?

The renewal process often impacts the Customer’s lifetime Value (CLV). The CLV, in turn, affects profits, budgeting, long-term growth, and acquisition costs. You’ll have more opportunities to upgrade as your clients stick around longer, raising the LTV (lifetime value).

Should I Renew My SAAS Subscription?

Sometimes, the reason for renewing your SaaS subscription might not be clear. If you’re in this situation, consider examining each app before taking your next step. Also, consider asking yourself some questions before going ahead with your decision. These questions may include the following:

  • Is this application important to the growth of your company, or is it just for show?
  • Does this application effectively make your job easier?
  • Is the plan affordable, or might you explore options with better terms?
  • Do the staff in your organization use the application?
  • Do you now use a SaaS service with features that replace one item and are identical to it?

Answering these questions will provide you with guidance on how to proceed with your SaaS renewal. 

Getting Set for SAAS Renewal

Before proceeding with your SaaS renewal process that satisfies the needs of your customers, employees, organization, and everyone else, there are some things you need to consider.

  • Achieve SAAS Transparency

Automatic renewal occurs if no one is informed of an active SaaS subscription that may not even be needed, and you lose the chance to reach a new agreement or terminate the current one. Because of this, you must first make all SaaS services completely visible. Once you have that visibility, figuring out how much SaaS you actually use and how many subscriptions you need to buy next is simple.

  • Set Reminders

One of the best ways to increase SaaS visibility is via a management platform. The platform comes with various features, including a renewal calendar, which can be set to notify users when a renewal date is approaching. The reminder will help you review the application and decide before D-day.

  • Create Application Ownership

Prior to the introduction of cloud-based apps, your IT staff would almost certainly be familiar with all software. To boost efficiency, practically any employee feels inspired to install a SaaS program.

 However, establishing SaaS ownership is crucial since it simplifies discussions and provides valuable information about providers. Ensure that the ownership of a SaaS owner who leaves the company is transferred. 

  • Place High-Priority Renewals First

A strategic renewal approach must include prioritizing renewals. Since only some SaaS apps are essential to the company, it’s critical to prioritize those that add the most value and have the most potential for improvement when dealing with a large number of renewals.

Guide for SAAS Renewal

Based on your answers on why you should consider SaaS renewal, your conclusion should fall into one of the categories below:

  • Extension of the application’s licenses
  • Renewal of the software after negotiation
  • Complete removal of the application
  • Training employees to use the application or replacing it

So, after classifying your decision in one of the categories above, you can proceed with your renewal as follows:

  • See Auto-Renewal Condition

Knowing the condition for auto-renewal is an essential step in the renewal process. If you miss the chance to choose if you want to cancel your subscription or renew it, auto-renewal will activate automatically. Always double-check the renewal clause with your vendors.

  • Examine the App Usage

Never purchase a license or product that you aren’t going to use. Therefore, you must assess your exact SaaS use and relate it to your cost before extending the subscription.

  • Determine the Organizational Need

After knowing the actual SaaS usage patterns, you may contrast these with the available licensing options. Furthermore, because the SaaS industry is so competitive, it is always worthwhile to bargain prices with your provider.

  • Evaluate Vendor’s Achievements

Understanding the merchant’s goals is usually helpful when discussing and extending a contract. Customer Success Metrics (CSM) are crucial for SaaS companies and their customers. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), achieved when consumers decide to extend their contracts cycle after cycle, is another critical metric. Therefore, it is evident that CLV is a powerful inducement to keep a client.

  • Speak with a Salesperson

Try to contact the appropriate sales representative when you’re ready to either extend, terminate, or amend the SaaS subscription. You must ensure that all the acquired material is accessible in every situation, particularly when revising the contract terms.


Renewal of SaaS software is essential to the entire SaaS management process, as it helps you fully leverage the advantages of using SaaS apps. Using the technique described in this article and best practices for SaaS renewals, you can create your own standardized process to replace a reactive renewals approach with a proactive one. 

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